I hate to rain on your parade, but just one listen through and i’m of the mind that Co-Pilgrim’s ‘moon lagoon’ is going to take some shifting out of our affections when we come to cobble up end of year favourites lists. Apologies to the band, the label and their press folk for so far letting this sneak beneath our radar without so much as a word never mind a thank you – truth is the blighter got a tad mislaid in the great CD mountain.. Adoration aplenty arriving later in the week, once that is, we’ve had a chance to pick our jaw from the floor, for here is a collection of songs that not only hug, seduce and mesmerize, but take you to places other albums only dream of. Until then we’ll leave you with this, at once quietly stately and tenderly crushed, a visitation, a hymnal, truth be told off the radar in terms of reach, impact and creative classicism, this is the surrendering “Cylindrical fire escapes”. Phew,we never even got to mention Spiritualized or Low once throughout, oh that’s done it….

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