three dimensional tanx / 7shades

There’ll be more fruits de mer happenings later this missive, sooner still later tonight. However we wanted to give the heads up to this recent posting which features excerpts of the tracks that’ll be making up what looks like being a  seismic head to head between three dimensional tanx and 7shades. Limited to just 50 copies, all lathe cut on seven inches of wax, this ‘un will be available at the forthcoming August festivities. ‘trip hazard’ is the three dimensional tanx side of the groove, all koolly peeled kaleidoscopic karma and as the title gives hint, very trippy and hypnotic, no doubt stoned on its own stash so you don’t have to be and very much tuning its trance toned radar towards the kind of sonic navigational points where you’ll find located psych dude Sunray. 7shades are a more wiry proposition with the head imploding star tripping ‘grasping at straws’ possessed of the kind of mind mushrooming motifs that easily draws distant comparisons to the Cardiacs.  

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