the arturo’s

We were going to leave this until tomorrow but so smitten by it we feel it impossible to contain our excitement for fear of bursting. Literally just hit our inbox and i mean literally, like five minutes ago, this is a new twinset heading out of the La Mela imprint by the Arturo’s. You know how it is, something ghosts past your listening desk that’s so off-road, off kilter and off in the distance running in a different direction from the usual groove you get, that you find yourself a tad jaw dropped and adoring. Such a joyous listening experience i could almost weep, for both ‘only with you’ and its flip ‘days of thunder’ are cut with such disturbingly curious affection and sun fried radiance that they might want to consider bottling this stuff up and selling it from under a chemist counter. First up ‘only with you’ is delightfully skewed with a wickedly wonky riff strum all kissed with a strangely tropical island breeziness that fizzes and flirts beneath glowing sunsets, which if you’re looking for references then i’d be of the mind to offer up Kitty, Daisy and Lewis marooned on a desert island with very youthful versions of Olivia tremor control, of Montreal and the go! team. Better still over on the flip sits ‘days of thunder’, a slice of sepia tweaked loveliness all dinked in a delightfully classicist vintage and a pouting of slyly warming and lolloping campfire effervescence, which unless our ears do seriously deceive had us much minded of some three-way gathering of Camera Obscura., the Ladybug Transistor and Polyphonic Spree types.

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