vital weekly #1091

been way too long since we checked in on Vital weekly, we really do miss their weekly distribution print editions from the late 90’s, really were an essential source of recorded mysteries by artists and labels alike that you’d never heard of. Anyway latest edition is awash with top turn ons for your turntable with #1091 opening to the sounds of an album from Tele:Funken which as far as we were lead to believe was being prepped for promo only but now seems to be being readied for a special lathe cut outing – anyhow a spiffing release all the same,his first since 2001 and mentioned here as it happens – next up something truly dark, mystical and a tad chilling from Edward Ka Spel whose solo recordings are indeed the dark twin of his more familiar work with the Legendary Pink Dots, we really must fire off missives to Soleilmoon for soundlinks. Swiftly on apace, a tranquil moment for pause and reflection with the emergence of ‘corrupt patima’ by Berreca and Leimar, a most seductively sedate masterclass in porcelain poise and something which i’m suspecting admirers of both blue tapes and arell will adore. Featured here you’ll find a brace of selections from boy dirt car, the first of which the darkly choking shadow mass that is ‘a molecule that has broken free’ howls with dread servitude, the atmosphere tightening ever more in a densely foreboding fog. Also heading out of Soleilmoon a most curious posthumous outing for electric sewer age who featured among their number the late Peter Christopherson, ‘moon milk (waxing)’ featured here is one of those strangely alluring and dare i say, intricately funk bitten sore thumbs that would have no doubt set the critical tongues a wagging among Radio 3’s ‘Mixing It’ duo, Messrs Sandall and Russell. Orphax’s ‘horns’ we had the very wonderful pleasure of mentioning last missive out, irresistible loveliness from the Champion Version crew – more info here those preferring their listening sounds somewhat space walking,floaty and indelibly woozy may be advised to sample to airless horizons conjured up by Kamil Kowalczyk’s ‘Transmisja’ which in truth does indeed sound like a hulking intergalactic leviathan at rest, similarly touched with an ethereal grace toning is Steve Peters chime cosmosis ‘airforms 10’ – very minimalist and something harking back to the unworldly atmospheric palettes once upon a time crafted by the Radiophonic Workshop. If out there on the extreme sonic spectrum is your bag, we reckon Antoni Robert’s aptly titled ‘the rancid and rooten breathing of the ominous beast’ might scratch that itch, not quite emerging from behind the veil rathermore, shall we agree to say, the gatekeeper, very eerie and isolationist in design and altogether haunting and chilling in both delivery and effect.

Full tracklisting and reviews on the featured releases can be found here…

….while your actual sounds are here…..

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