lake ruth and the listening center

I know i’ve said this before, probably to the point of sounding boring, but we really must do an extended catch up with not only, the blog that celebrates itself but also the unexplained sounds folk. Both imprints have since the turn of the year, been responsible for turning in a most formidable body of work that serves to better in terms of upping the creativity ante with each passing release. Latest from the former mentioned,  finds their radar firmly pointed and surveying the mercurial kosmische sonic corridors of Stereolab. The compilation entitled ‘Stereolab in, Metronomic Underground Versions’ gathers together fifteen of the finest underground talent to pay homage to Gane and Co. while we clear the listening table in readiness for fuller review, hopefully over the weekend, here’s a rather special collaborative head to head pairing together Lake Ruth and the Listening Center in cahoots spraying kosmick magic dust aplenty upon ‘Monstre Sacre’ and into the bargain capturing perfectly that sense of retro vibed futuristic 60’s chic here deliciously haloed in an amorphous lounge noir fantasia which in truth, very much manoeuvres into terrains more commonly recalling the shadowy noir seduction of a very youthful Broadcast. and

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