thurston moore

Hands up who remembers ‘tricks and trappings by Snares and Kites, a relatively limited and criminally under appreciated album released by the Dutch imprint Inbetween way back in the fall of the 90’s. I only mention it, because from out of the fog of my memory it was instantly recalled when hearing this,the latest from Thurston Moore. Much to our embarrassment and part annoyance, we’ve been kicking ourselves stupid that thus far we’ve managed to get by without not even being aware, let alone not actually hearing, ‘rock n’ roll consciousness’. From that set, the embarrassment quotient gets worse by the minute, because here’s a cut peeled from it that’s been sitting in record world for some two months or so. ‘Aphrodite’ is probably Moore’s most straight up handiwork since ‘Goo’ and ‘Dirty’, everything here just purrs with classy cool, kissed with an acutely prowling swing, its clicks and ticks to a shadowy grooving whose dark smothering encircles to forms an impenetrable fence around you the deeper you wander in from which point at the 6 minute mark everything goes woozily bliss kissed, wasted and a mite stoned and trip toned.

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