Opel, Suspirium, Rob Gould, the NoMen, Fast Cars…….

Hopefully over the weekend we’ll be smothering you with a selection of items that lucky punters attending the August sonic frivolities hosted by Fruits de Mer will receive in their now legendary goodie bag just for the turning up. If i recall rightly the bags will be stuffed with 9 CD’s featuring the wares of artists closely associated or at the very least, adored by the FdM community. For now a brief smattering of delights to come. One such release being by Opel, whose brief existence in the 90’s resulted in a lone Bob Harris session for GLR, ‘the bough at Jacob’s rake’ collects together a wealth of previously unreleased material, showcased here by ‘253 (sunshine)’ – a wonderfully breezy and sun toned cutie grooved with a liltingly airy progressive folk phrasing which even appearing in the 90’s must have sounded as though it had woken up from some 70’s chemical haze and indeed something you could easily imagine causing a degree of swoon among the pre new wave / punk made over OGWT loving crowd, sure to appeal to those Curved Air loving folk among you.

 With an album back catalogue numbering in the 30’s, duo Suspirium craft out epic sound track voyages for silver screen sci-fi odyssey’s yet to be filmed, like futuristic ghost lights sucked in through apertures in the space time continuum, these visions of tomorrow echo to the panaromic sensurround listening journeys once embarked upon by the mighty Tangerine Dream.

…of course no stranger to these pages, Rob Gould is one of those rarefied and most mercurial of talents, his compositions reach far beyond the mere tokenist genre classifications of fashion for here sonic storyboards are delicately crafted and intricately weaved to provide a demurring palette of creativity that’s lush in both tone and turn whilst rewarding and mesmeric in listening delivery not to mention laced and threaded in a most becoming and engaging emotional courtship. Available for the first time on CD, ‘the sad robot delivered peace with himself’ provides for an exquisite masterclass in classicist conversation as exemplified by the teaser cut here ‘daybreak in the graveyard of the sentient robots’ a track so steeped in grace, poise and elegance it’ll leave you somewhat equally touched in wonder and wounding.


‘straight to Dave’ is a specially sprinkled CD compilation cobbled exclusively together for this happening by the NoMen, gathering up lost nuggets from various vault raids of tracks either forgotten, never released or ditched last minute in the cutting room, from it here’s ‘Woo Hoo’ – a 94 second frazzled slice of dayglo bubblegum all acutely fried, freaked and fired in a most delightfully off their chops schizoid way which may, in fact will cause some listeners episodes of mind expansiveness.

Fancy something a little, shall we say, woozy and trippy in a wonderfully vintage hippy dippy trippy 60’s way, here then is a little something from the recently reconvened Fast Cars with a track pulled from the FdM goody bag offering ‘rarebits’ this ‘un being the magically mellow and head mushrooming ‘the real thing’…….


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