‘Spiritualized in other medications’

Oh Lordy, here’s another the blog that celebrates itself selection that we appear to have missed in all the recent mail surge currently gridlocking our inbox and again another release that we will endeavour to revisit as soon as. Prior to the recent Stereolab tribute, subjects of desire where Spiritualized to whom 27 bands convened to pay respect courtesy of a collection entitled ‘Spiritualized in other medications’ from off which we’ve honed upon Eric in the Kitchen. Indeed you’d be right in thinking the selection was based  purely on name alone and we wouldn’t offer any resistance in the pursuit of petty denial especially given their version of ‘step into the breeze’ is right on the button arriving here all blissfully toned and shimmered in shade adorning hazes of Velvets cool. That said a quick eye rifling check through the tracklisting also unearths the inclusion of Mega Dodo dudes the Orange Drop whose cover of ‘soul of fire’ might on early listening be worthy of the entrance price alone, which as it happens is zilch, the track itself, can we just say for now a soul gliding spiritual and leave it like that. https://theblogthatcelebratesitself.bandcamp.com/album/spiritualized-in-other-medications

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