impaTV – Elephant House, Lone Taxidermist, Data Quack….

We’ve had these popping on our listening list these last few weeks, so i guess as good a time as any to gather a few of them up for a mention. Courtesy of the Islington mill public access TV network or impaTV to give them there more recognised moniker, these dudes provide a sterling resource best described as, well I’ll tell you what we’ll leave the impaTV folk to describe it in their own words…..

‘Since 2015, IMPATV (Islington Mill Public Access TV) harness a unique visual aesthetic inspired by the defunct media of public access television, appropriating a lust for the odd and experimenting within. They combine obsolete and modern technology in order to broadcast and stream to you a plethora of weird and wonderful live music, performance and dance around the UK. As well as filming live events we like to stay true to our origins by providing a Public Access style platform for video production.’

What caught our earlobes though is their roving on location briefs which take in a formidable recording journal of some of the finest and dare we say, most experimental, interesting and out there bands currently swimming in the currents of underground….for now here are three of their recent band broadcasts…..

….of course Elephant House scarcely need introduction here, we’ve had the pleasure of featuring them around these here parts here and – so settle back, take the weight off and for 16 minutes just bliss out in the company of their warping and woozy wonderland of mind fracturing mosaics……

…next up Lone Taxidermist, who will feature again, if not later in this missive, then certainly during the week sometime, are a most perplexing genre bending collective who without doubt probably deserve the descriptors – trippy, weird ear and out there more than any other band we’ve had the pleasure of hearing all year, to say they play with your head is an understatement, cross weaving a potently woozy palette that morphs and melts into a kaleidoscopic stew from a freeform playground of styles that dissolves elements of no wave, post punk, electronica, afrobeat, techno and mutant dance – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…..


…last up for this brief visit, a recently recorded performance by the clearly barking Data Quack who judging by this first listening of their groove, ought to first and foremost be something that should have admirers of the foolproof projects community alarmingly smitten. What first had us reaching for our prized Henry Cow and This Heat platters for close comparisons soon starts to loosen up in a most head expansive way to incorporate dissolving dub dialects and the kind of wigged out waywardness that one might expect tripping from some late night head to head session that gathered the likes of Wizards of Twiddly, Volcano the Bear and the Inside Ov a Butchers Shop folk together…..

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