pull the plug #332

A three way split showcasing recent platters from the ghost box, polytechnic youth and connected view sound houses is the order of play on the latest pull the plug airing, a bit like being summoned to a  70’s school science lab i’m even wearing my super duper digital watch with matching psychedelicised tank top for this edition which in case you are taking notes is #332. Opens with some wonderfully wonky Vic Mars grooviness before going all eerily dreamy and Radiophonically spooky with a trippily freaky foursome of Focus Group happenings which for the best part sound like a cut up collage of transistor dial shuffling. Up next, rewilding heading out –  we think – of the connected view collective with two tracks of such serene vintage daydream you might be forgiven for thinking you’d dozed off momentarily only to awake in some cosmic woodland, the second track in particular, incidentally titled ‘balloon ride’ sounding a lot like a lovelorn Plone feverishly rustling up lovenotes to ISAN. The set draws to a close with something old and something new from the Polytechnic Youth folk, the newie being an incoming happening from an eagerly awaited full length from Morphoex courtesy of ‘UFO’ which i do believe we mentioned in recent dispatches – here in fact – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/07/16/morphoex/ and the oldie, a nifty slice of demurring nocturnal kosmische drift space (think the Superimposers donning lunar suits for some lilting astral lounge) from Listening Center in the form of ‘town of tomorrow’ from his recently re-released and pressed to vinyl ‘example one’ set  https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-20th-july-2017/

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