this is the kit

Take your time getting yourself ready and settled, this is one of those wow moments that’s liable to knock you off your listening perch. Now i must admit to being a tad disturbed that thus far, This is the Kit hasn’t enchanted and beguiled our listening space, i mean have we been asleep and missed several pages along the way. Better known to kith n’ kin as Bristollian Kate Stables, we literally stumbled upon ‘moonshine freeze’ by sheer accident literally within the last half hour and can openly admit we’ve been totally smitten. This cut comes pulled from a rough trade session, a thing of fleeting beauty its intricate threading mooching and murmuring a most mesmeric folk spell-craft that sound wise manages to find a shadowy spot, (and you may well scratch your heads here thinking we’ve taken a knock to the senses), PJ Harvey, Stereolab (c. Sound Dust), Broadcast and Vashti Bunyan.

The Vashti references are more apparent on her latest single ‘hotter colder’ – a track culled from her recently released ‘moonshine freeze’ set, a copy of which we must nail as soon as for fear of combustion of some form, something which i minded to say ought to be high on the radar of those Susan Christie and Linda Perhacs admirers among you.   


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