akiha den den

Opening this particular missive with news of release that’s been much-anticipated around these here parts since our ears first hooked upon its radio dramatization last year. This is the ‘theme from Akiha Den Den’ as tweaked by Jon Brooks, the album heading out of Castles in Space features, we assume, just the very excellent incidental sounds created by Simon James. The set, on clear vinyl comes replete with an additional bonus CD of exclusive material totalling 70 minutes of sound suites along with a redacted booklet featuring artwork by Nick Taylor. The sounds utilising vintage electronic mediums are very much an echo of classic 60’s / 70’s radio productions, here i’m thinking Radiophonic Workshop, left in the hands of James they provide and colour an unworldly and ghostly palette whose atmospheric reach stirs obliquely from the subconscious shadows to loom between the menacing and the macabre serving to unsettle, heighten and forge a uniquely intimate relationship between the listeners imagination and the power of the narrative in what is ultimately, a classically toned old school ghost story. https://simonjames-cis.bandcamp.com/    

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