Essential ear gear from the Sacred Bones folk, while you are busy eyeing up those Psychic TV re-issues for purchase, take a little time to sample the recently released EP from Squrl which features a remix by Brian Jonestown Massacre head honcho Anton Newcombe with vocals provided by Tess Parks. Now this is darkly brooding stuff for ‘gates of ishtar’ comes filleted in n’er do well occurrences and all manner eerie juju that literally suck you in to its tension racked paranoia permeating grooves much like some ghost lit séance, all the time prowling and picking away forming a scabbing wasteland from out of whose mists emerge the siren tones of Tess Parks, the atmospherics all the time shuffling and gathering in intensity peaking at the 8.12 mark where all of a sudden a radiant fanfare momentarily emerges out of the watchful disturbia to recall Add N to X.

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