must admit this ‘un caught us quite on the hop. New loveliness from sore thumb Quimper is a most beguiling affair, available on a ‘name your price’ turn, ‘wake up Gastone’ features four tracks of such eerily enchanted elegance that we’ve given up trying to pick our jaw up from off the floor, a truly magical affair which doesn’t stop at the opening title track, as though bewitched enough by the hypnotically balletic spectral lullaby ethereally whispering amid what appears a snoozing void. Rather more, the further you step inside Quimper’s play ground the more you’re seduced by its softly embracing day dreaming demurs, ‘elephant’ surely the centre attraction, is wrapped by the mesmeric shimmer of starry cascades, a cosmic carousel which to these ears sounds not unlike Gulliver in cahoots with Le Bleu being put through the kaleidoscopic sonic washing machine of Polymer Cities on a hot wash. Somewhere else stirs the wonderfully touching neo classicist mysterio ‘years out’, instantly bringing to recall a ghostified lunar murmur transfusing elements of Komeda, Goldfrapp and Musetta. All said, this being Quimper you didn’t think you’d escape your listening pleasure without a degree of the strange, so step  forward ‘he woke up’ all adored in silvery garlands delectably weaved in ghost lit dub apertures, quite spooky if you ask me. https://quimper.bandcamp.com/album/wake-up-gastone

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