toby twirl

Arriving this coming October via Mega Dodo where it’ll get a spruced up 300 only wax appraisal, this is the thought lost debut album by Toby Twirl. Discovered in a ‘dusty box’ by the bands drummer, these recordings were feared long gone, the tapes carefully transferred,  cleaned and mastered. sound as though they’ve just walked out of a 60’s recording studio. The band hailing from Newcastle scored three highly sought after singles for Decca in the late 60’s before imploding and going their separate ways. Don’t know about you but we’ve had to nail our feet to the floor to stop the incessant tapping such is the infectious radiance of these tunes, okay there are nods to the Bee Gees and Herman’s Hermits, which before you say, are no bad thing with this brief teaser excerpt very much revealing of a collective of impish tune smiths found sitting on the sunnier and poppier side of the 60’s dream. Full mentions to come.

A teaser trailer no less……

….plus we’ve unearthed this, ‘movin in’ – one of the tracks featured on the album, a cut which by these ears is blessed with a killer hipster savvy not to mention soulfully smoky sassiness with added nods to Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Titch.

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