Literally just appeared in our inbox. Many thanks to Rick from Vukovar for dropping by the bands forthcoming single. Now we’ll just start by saying, this shares a very special space somewhere at a point where the Wild Swans’ ‘revolutionary spirit’ finishes and the Bunnymen’s ‘in bluer skies’ begins, indeed that good. From the moment ‘the clockwork dance’ kicks in you are immediately aware you are in the rarefied company of something truly majestic and spectrally cut in the finest late 70’s angular post punk vintage, its ghostly aura curdled in a classic era Factory sound, its sparseness and minimalist toning blessed with a radiant knowingness that locks you in its dead eyed stare. In short the coolest thing in record land right this minute, that said the b-sides even better but we’ll leave the mentioning of that till tomorrow, don’t wanna spoil you now.   

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