lone taxidermist

Latest obsession around these here parts are the quite amazing and clearly cuckoo Lone Taxidermist, who you might have noticed have somewhat sneaked on occasion in to these pages this very missive already. This cut comes prized from a forthcoming set heading out through memetune next month we believe, entitled ‘trifle’, this ‘un being the strangely surreal ‘knicker elastic’. Too fried for even those weird heads the Mighty Boosh, lone taxidermist inhabit a world where the narrow lines between the macabre, theatre and freak circus collide. With hints of the Au Pairs and slits sonically skin grafted onto a Manimal era Rainbow Arabia, they craft a peculiarly potent potion that hisses of a creative free spirit owing more to the experimental art fried outsider scene emerging from out of the shadows of the late 70’s punk fall out along the way weaving kookily cute grooves spell formed from electroid dub dialects.

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