the mekano set

So kicking myself that thus far we haven’t gotten around to mentioning the Mekano Set sooner. But this rare moment of focus was prompted by a heads up by the Vukovar guys who we understand will be sharing the billing with them this coming October. With that in mind we rummaged through the cyber corridors and turned up this, their latest release, we believe, entitled ‘imaginary weather’. By way of a brief hello and how are you, we’ve honed in on just three of the featured tracks seducing the grooves here. Opener ‘no conspiracy’ arrives so gorged in a hazy spiritual mystique replete with soul bathing reverence that you might be  forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled upon some divine ceremony, the Gregorian chants and that sense of transcendental other-worldliness impart a rarefied toning of graceful majesty. ‘the diseffect’ channels darker terrains, a cosmic outlander draped in psychotropic pulsars and mind expanding mosaics which on coalescing forge a deep amorphously seductive subliminal foretelling whose tripping tonalities on closer inspection purr to a cruise controlled gathering of biosphere and astralasia types being threaded through the mystical third eye of Loop. All said our favourite moment is the clearly chemically induced happening ‘thirst’ here found remodelled by Sweet Tooth, an event horizon tripadelic slab of immersive blissed out wig flippery, nuff said.   

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