lunatic soul

Heading out of kscope this coming October, a new full length, his fifth, from Lunatic Soul entitled ‘fractured’ from off which the title track has been sent ahead to expand heads and wow listening spaces alike. Press release boasts a heady list of comparisons that cite Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode and David Sylvian as being on the influential radar of Mariusz Duda, which is all well and good, but do you know, we here are taken by the elements of Working for a Nuclear Free City shimmied up to Dark Captain Light Captain emanating from the grooves of this slow burning humongous gem. A track much akin to a dark star magnetically pulling from its surroundings all the time growing in mass, definition and density, a bit like a youthful Battles if you must. Okay it goes all fuzzily proggy towards the end very much in the vein of the puzzlingly quiet of late Thumpermonkey, still doesn’t detract from it being a corker of some measure.

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