Spotted this on the latest happy mag posting, an immaculate cover of the Smiths’ immortal ‘there is a light that never goes out’ by Wells whose version takes this classic into darker and readily more number terrains. Where once the original was the defying euphoric rush of smitten undying love mused through a would be suicide pact, on this translation the obsession quotient is gnarled into something more emotionally abandoned, taught and suffocating not too mention graced with a wistfulness amid which emerges something of the darkly woven persona of Stephen Jones nee Babybird nee Trucker melancholic souring the ache all topped off perfectly with the appearing spray of breezy harmonicas, a nod to a younger Smiths no doubt. https://soundcloud.com/happy/wells-there-is-a-light-that-never-goes-out

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