‘For The Love Of Chris Tressler: A Compilation’

In memory of the recently passed Chris Tressler, such is the love and respect for this shoegaze champion that fifty one bands have gathered to pay homage and say farewell by way of a stunning compilation entitled ‘For The Love Of Chris Tressler: A Compilation’. A superb collection from what we’ve heard so far and something we will endeavour to return back to on occasion in the forthcoming weeks. For now we’d just like to hone in on a few of the celebrated cuts you’l find tucked amidst this free to download happening. Of course Panophonic ought need no introductions in these pages,  ‘i can’t come home’ – here in its remodelled by Beatastic variant – who i might be right in saying recently sent us his new release – mentions coming incidentally. As to Panophonic, what can i say, typically dream woven and tenderly teased, this ‘un awash in a joyous jubilance of angelically tweaked vapour rushed raptures longingly trimmed in momentary tides of slo-mo sun scorched shimmering and very ultra vivid scene in design. Next up Blackpool Astronomy with ‘Brazen Blackout’ – the 2017 Chris Tressler Memorial Mix no less – these dudes do a neat line in fuzz scalped hazy oblivion pop which had i not known any better would have imagined it some kind of thought lost and forgotten late night studio bunk up between Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Swervedriver with the Flying Saucer Attack dropping by to add oodles of fizzing wall of sound white outs. You might recall us mentioning the Fir Cone Children a little while back when we had the pleasure of stumbling over their recent blackjack illuminist cassette, highly recommended we should add, here they are with ‘Cholocate’ and sounding not a million miles like a particularly playful Pixies scratched with a delightfully discordant and kookified bubblegum pop twist. Been a while since had causeto hang out the bunting in the hopefully prospect of arriving groove from Stella Diana, herewith ‘M9’ ticking all the shoegazing swoon boxes and adorably sounding like a bliss bathed euphoria purring kitchens of distinction on cruise control. Last up for this oh so brief visit, Wozniak with ‘five star’. As mentioned on previous appraisals these folk excel at the kind of heart rushing sky parting symphonia that much recalls the much missed Storm Society and the Workhouse, in short a pristinely intense gracefall. https://fortheloveofchristressler.bandcamp.com/album/for-the-love-of-chris-tressler-a-compilation

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