Much smitten by this. Discovered by a sheer and we should say, happy accident by way of a facebook posting, this is the rather delightfully transfixing ‘atmos #1’ by the London based collective V Ä L V Ē. A teaser track culled from a forthcoming EP by the name ‘#1 [the theosophical society]’ which i’m sure you’ll agree manages to craft something of a daydreaming wonderland imagining one suspects, a snoozing magic woodland adored with hypnotically shimmering bowed chimes and music boxes, all very serenely captivating and alluringly twinklesome not to mention playful and cutely becoming, in short, Reich for reception classes and something that ought to be on the radar of those whose listening loves stray fondly to the lulling tones of the Clangers and the Moomins. https://valvemusic.bandcamp.com/album/1-the-theosophical-society   

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