darto / wand

in addition and due for release on the same day as the album, there’ll be a special split release with tour mates Wand. Recorded early this year and nailed down across 7 inches of infectious wax, the set features two collaborative cuts, the first features the more frenetic and stare you down new wave angular groove of ‘follow up’. This ‘un arrives spikily cooled in a buzzing hypnotic glare that might easily be mistaken for some thought lost studio face off between a seriously skewed and youthful Wire and Klark Kent. Over on the flip awaits the adorable ‘hush’, a seductive flutter by shimmered in mellowing sea-faring ripples of cosmic tropicals all kissed in sun bathed halos peppered in west coast sprays all dappled in mind expanding soft psych tonings, reference wise think Gulp in cahoots with the Earlies overseen by Damon and Naomi with Ghost.

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