Delia Derbyshire / Brian Hodgson / David Vorhaus

Another of those rescued from the vaults of obscurity releases, a limited repress of a set that first appeared in ’69  and pre-dates the visionary collaboration that forged White Noise. ‘electronic’ features the coming together of Derbyshire, Hodgson and Vorhaus, although not collaboratively, save for two tracks between Hodgson and Derbyshire, these recordings were intended for TV use with many finding their way onto the cult sci-fi show ‘the tomorrow people’. Herewith ‘the lure of the space goddesss’ by Delia Derbyshire here operating under the pseudonym Li de la Russe, an all to brief though beautifully bewitching glacial ghost light courted in alien majesty and touched by a spectral eeriness. The two would (Hodgson and Derbyshire under their secret identities) incidentally, go on to collaborate together again this time with Don Harper on ‘electrosonic’

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