pill fangs

Take Dan Haywood, put him in a room with some dude from three dimensional tanx – that’ll be Richard, drag in Rob and Simon to assist, put meat on the sonic bone and bolster the number to four, don’t want to be a duo that’s just so passe these days and then let them fire up and burn. Who’d have thought that the man (Haywood) who in recent years has been responsible for some of folks most enlightening moments harboured a secret desire to kick back and get all scuzzy. The quartet go by the name Pill Fangs, an album of the same name is due to mess with fringes this coming October via a split label head to head through the Now Sunstone / Suppressed imprints, from that set this awkward teaser has been sent forth, it be called ‘bison grass’. A quickly drilled 100 second dash of infectiously skewed n’ scowling cowpunk is what our ears do detect where hints of the Violent Femmes finds themselves in a tightening headlock served up by jello Biafra and mojo Nixon….nuff said.

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