Circuit des Yeux

Now we here are accustomed to the well heeled sounds heading out of the drag city imprint, Wand’s latest being the case in point and still attracting repeat plays weeks after first introducing itself to our listening space. However if teaser track ‘paper bag’ is anything to judge by, a new platter incoming from Circuit des Yeux due to this October called ‘reaching for indigo’ might take some shifting in the affection stakes. One of those rare tracks that occasionally come along and leave you teetering on your back foot struggling hard to make sense of what exactly is happening and for that matter what you are hearing, for ‘paper bag’ continual morphs anew refusing to be easily confined to a fixed point, all the time shifting in pace, canter and tone and something once emerged through the dreamy haze that greets its initial greeting call, awkwardly or should that be, peculiarly treads an off kilter path that weaves between shadowy psych folk, math rock contortions, macabre music hall, Reich repetitions and distantly subtle nods to Patti Smith. Whatever the  case, its guaranteed to have you frantically hitting the repeat button as you simultaneously try to peel your jaw off the floor.

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