UnMute: A Tribute To Artists on Mute Records

Eyed this on a posting, both volumes of the excellent UnMute music tribute to Mute records up for free download. I think i’m right in saying a gathering of folk covering tracks originally heading out of the label in the early 80’s. Ever time poor round these parts we’ve only had a brief chance to sample the gems lurking within duly noting that Pulselovers feature on both sets, their contribution to Volume II being the distinctly chilled n’ minimalist ‘hill of men’ which had we not known any better would have hastened to gather it being some ominous pulsar cooked up by those Add N to X folk after an evening dosed up on late 60’s Dr Who radiophonics, admirers of the Truth About Frank consider yourselves warned. Okay you all know me so well, so you  won’t be too surprised to hear that initial attractions to Brutalist Architecture in the Sun was purely based on name alone, that said such churlish reasons for listening are so often well rewarded we find, the case in point being ‘double heart’ which once loosened of it Karl Bartos-esque Kraftwerk-ness soon blossoms into something that sounds as though it rolled off an electronic pop conveyor belt in 1981 all moulded in the image of an Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark in a secret pact with B-Movie. We here have always had a soft spot for Wire’s ‘kidney bingos’ here re-imagined by the black hundred and done to faultless faithfulness it should be said and smoothed of its proto angular pop grooving into something more bliss toned and dreamy. Over on Volume 1, Oscillation Communication usher in a distinctly sinister gouging to the Mode’s ‘photographic’ given it along the way something of a DAF vibing. Somewhere else Blix Six tetool Yazoo’s ‘only you’ into something we can actually tolerate, never a great fan of the original, this new re-appraisal sounding wonderfully wasted and weirded out, did we say creepy as well, well creepy an all, reference wise a twisted Babybird colluding with White Town i think covers what’s afoot. Last up for this all too brief mention, we will be back if we think on, Pulselovers going all Human League mk 1 ‘being boiled’ style on ‘mode of infection’, they really must put out more records. https://unmute-music.bandcamp.com/album/unmute-a-tribute-to-artists-on-mute-records-vol-i and https://unmute-music.bandcamp.com/album/unmute-a-tribute-to-artists-on-mute-records-vol-ii

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