Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 31.0…. w/e 05/08/2017

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 31.0…. w/e 05/08/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

Opening edit……

This edition features sounds from ….

Lunatic soul, arrows of love,cut_,sera eke, wells, pink elephants, church hill garden, brain, automat, pink project, Doric, eleven pond, human puppets, futurisk,, ty segall, panophonic, psychic hearts, intersigno, kline coma xero, this is the bridge, modern void, ghost twin, Sydney Valette, sally dige, wozniak, stella diana, fir cone children, sexual objects, boards of Canada, Triassic Tusk, Washington Hebrew, Crispy’s curse, slow dancing society, possum, valve, maps and diagrams, killed by laser, peter principle, tuxedomoon, mark and the clouds, orchestral manoeuvres in the dark, the benders, the wimple winch, the rats, the electras, the spaceshits, the endd, the lords, the bad roads, the nightmares, guiding light, papernut Cambridge, big enchilada, earache, maximum rock n’ roll, mal Thursday, mottey’s garage, darto, wand, Andrew weatherall, opel, neun welten, middex, the g men, the duals, the mar-keys, the spotnicks, the hunters, the Pharos, the lively ones, the astronauts, the outlaws, the rondels, dead cross, pill fangs, rudy trouve, six by seven, Derbyshire, hodgson, vorhaus, alter, ulnar, shifters, real numbers, colouroid, mattokind, Circuit des Yeux, raave tapes….

Heading out of kscope this coming October, a new full length, his fifth, from Lunatic Soul entitled ‘fractured’ from off which the title track has been sent ahead to expand heads and wow listening spaces alike. Press release boasts a heady list of comparisons that cite Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode and David Sylvian as being on the influential radar of Mariusz Duda, which is all well and good, but do you know, we here are taken by the elements of Working for a Nuclear Free City shimmied up to Dark Captain Light Captain emanating from the grooves of this slow burning humungous gem. A track much akin to a dark star magnetically pulling from its surroundings all the time growing in mass, definition and density, a bit like a youthful Batttles if you must. Okay it goes all fuzzily proggy towards the end very much in the vein of the puzzlingly quiet of late Thumpermonkey, still doesn’t detract from it being a corker of some measure.

Yet another single ripped from their forthcoming full length which we are still yet to hear let alone nab a copy of, not that we here are grumbling or gnashing teeth – grrrrr. This is Arrows of Love, who you might have heard of, well you ought to have we’ve featured them enough of late. As said another track from their imminent I’m not from London released ‘PRODUCT: Your Soundtrack to The Impending Societal Collapse’ set, due 2nd August unless I’m very much mistaken, this ‘un being ‘Parts That Make The (W)hole’. Very much coiled upon a looser soundboard, in truth pissing in the same kind of primordial pool as Vukovar, this primitive howl scratches, itches and scars with a maddening scowl that recalls both the brutal dead eyed intensity of the Godfathers and Fatima Mansions. https://soundcloud.com/arrows-of-love/parts-that-make-the-whole  

Tripped over this and found ourselves somewhat hopelessly smitten with an inescapable head nagging recalling of hologram teen as though spinning deliriously to a chill waved early 80’s electro radio whilst marooned beneath sultry Balearic sunsets. Anyhow this be the affectionately frisky ‘electrify’ by Cut_ who beyond their name we know diddly about, still by these ears this seems apt sound player hugging for these sun scorched days…. https://soundcloud.com/cutunderscore/electrify  

Isn’t this quite irresistible, from what we can gather a debut outing by Sera Eke entitled ‘the space between us’ – divinely spectral, fragile and very much calling to mind in its early moments, a very youthful Kate Bush in terms of classicist poise and magical wherewithal albeit here glacially graced and thawing to unfurl its emotional crush as though softly kissed and left abandoned in an early 90’s ghost lit Bristol scene. https://soundcloud.com/sera_eke/the-space-between-us-2017  

Interlude……synth pop……brain, automat, pink project, doric, eleven pond, human puppets, futurisk….




Pink project……

Eleven pond….


Human puppets…

Spotted this on the latest happy mag posting, an immaculate cover of the Smiths’ immortal ‘there is a light that never goes out’ by Wells whose version takes this classic into darker and readily more number terrains. Where once the original was the defying euphoric rush of smittened undying love mused through a would be suicide pact, on this translation the obsession quotient is gnarled into something more emotionally abandoned, taught and suffocating not to mention graced with a wistfulness amid which emerges something of the darkly woven persona of Stephen Jones nee Babybird nee Trucker melancholically souring the ache all topped off perfectly with the appearing spray of breezy harmonicas, a nod to a younger Smiths no doubt. https://soundcloud.com/happy/wells-there-is-a-light-that-never-goes-out  

How this managed to sneak beneath our radar thus far is beyond me. This is Church Hill Garden with the rather dreamy ‘sweet dreams’ featuring vocals by Hideka, a twinkle toned love note festooned in blissing halos who chime toning cascades had us a tad imagining some hitherto secret studio tryst engaged one lost summer night by Chapterhouse and the Sundays, very angelic, touching and dare we say, magical.  https://soundcloud.com/churchhill/sweet-dreams  

Here’s another that’s escaped our listening gaze, a superb shade adorned re-reading of Suicide’s ‘Frankie teardrop’ by the Pink Elephants who I’m certain we’ve had cause to mention previously. This ‘un found cutting the kind of sparsely tension shadowy psychotropic shapes that admirers of both Fuzz Club and Sonic Cathedral might find themselves a-swooning to. https://soundcloud.com/pinkelephants-1/frankie-teardrop-suicide-cover  

Listening interlude……..psychic hearts, intersigno, kline coma xero, this is the bridge, modern void, ghost twin, Sydney Valette, sally dige…..

Psychic hearts…..unless my ears do deceive this is pretty much emerging from the shadows of Clock DVA’s ‘resistance’ straight into the arms of 1919…….


In†ersigno…. we are assuming one for all you ‘stranger things’ admiring folk attuned to all things 80’s retro futuro minimal electro…..


kline coma xero…. courting a very youthfully ice toned Depeche mode vibe……


this is the bridge…..


modern void…..


ghost twin…..


Sydney Valette…..


sally dige……


loved around these here parts, you are never quite sure which Ty Segall is going to turn up on your record player, stupidly creative, through a kaleidoscopic lens a wired art pop vision of late 60’s psych peculiarity is listened to with glam pop ear, case in point being the skewed inventiveness that patrols, peppers and puzzles the grooves of ‘big man’ – a track lifted from a charity raising ‘fried shallots’ EP whereupon proceeds garnered will go to the American Civil Liberties Union. Loveably bonkers. https://tysegall.bandcamp.com/album/fried-shallots  

Ty Segall & The Freedom Band Tour Dates:


2/8/17 at The Capitol Theater in Olympia, WA, USA

3/8/17 at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

5/8/17- 6/8/17 at Pickathon in Happy Valley, OR, USA

17/8/17 at Pukkelpop Festival in Hasselt, Belgium               

18/8/17 at Lowlands Festival in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands               

19/8/17 at Festival Paredes de Coura in Paredes de Coura, Portugal

20/8/17 at La Route du Rock Festival in Saint Malo, France               

23/8/17 at Den Graa Hal in Copenhagan, Denmark            

24/8/17 at Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin, Germany  

25/8/17 at Le Cabaret Vert in Charleville Mezieres, France

26/8/17 at Nox Orae Festival in La Tour de Peliz, Switzerland            

27/8/17 at Rock En Seine in Paris, France           

29/8/17 at Atabal in Biarritz, France    

30/8/17 at Le Bikini (Bikini Fest) in Toulouse, France         

31/8/17 at Ebrovision Festival in Miranda De Ebro, Spain 

1/917 at The Coronet in London, United Kingdom               

9/2/17 at End Of The Road Festival in Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset, United Kingdom    

5/10/17 at 191 Toole in Tuscon, AZ, USA

6/10/17 at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM, USA

7/10/17 at Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO, USA 

8/10/17 at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO, USA

10/10/17 at The Bunkhouse Saloon in Las Vegas, NV, USA

In memory of the recently passed Chris Tressler, such is the love and respect for this shoegaze champion that fifty-one bands have gathered to pay homage and say farewell by way of a stunning compilation entitled ‘For the Love of Chris Tressler: A Compilation’. A superb collection from what we’ve heard so far and something we will endeavour to return back to on occasion in the forthcoming weeks. For now, we’d just like to hone in on a few of the celebrated cuts you’ll find tucked amidst this free to download happening. Of course, Panophonic ought need no introductions in these pages, ‘I can’t come home’ – here in its remodelled by Beatastic variant – who I might be right in saying recently sent us his new release – mentions coming incidentally. As to Panophonic, what can I say, typically dream woven and tenderly teased, this ‘un awash in a joyous jubilance of angelically tweaked vapour rushed raptures longingly trimmed in momentary tides of slo-mo sun scorched shimmering and very ultra-vivid scene in design. Next up Blackpool Astronomy with ‘Brazen Blackout’ – the 2017 Chris Tressler Memorial Mix no less – these dudes do a neat line in fuzz scalped hazy oblivion pop which had I not known any better would have imagined it some kind of thought lost and forgotten late night studio bunk up between Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Swervedriver with the Flying Saucer Attack dropping by to add oodles of fizzing wall of sound white outs. You might recall us mentioning the Fir Cone Children a little while back when we had the pleasure of stumbling over their recent blackjack illuminist cassette, highly recommended we should add, here they are with ‘Chocolate’ and sounding not a million miles like a particularly playful Pixies scratched with a delightfully discordant and kookified bubble-gum pop twist. Been a while since had cause to hang out the bunting in the hopefully prospect of arriving groove from Stella Diana, herewith ‘M9’ ticking all the shoegazing swoon boxes and adorably sounding like a bliss bathed euphoria purring kitchens of distinction on cruise control. Last up for this oh so brief visit, Wozniak with ‘five star’. As mentioned on previous appraisals these folk excel at the kind of heart rushing sky parting symphonia that much recalls the much-missed Storm Society and the Workhouse, in short a pristinely intense gracefall. https://fortheloveofchristressler.bandcamp.com/album/for-the-love-of-chris-tressler-a-compilation

On limited release where you’ll find it pressed up on 10 inches of wax, the latest offering from the Sexual Objects who feature among their line up a certain David Henderson, indeed he of Fire Engines and Nectarine no.9 fame, anyhow these dudes last appeared a wee while back to much adoring – somewhere here in fact  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2015/05/17/the-sexual-objects/ – their latest ‘sometimes’ features additional remodelling by Andy Weatherall, Boards of Canada and Wvne. Now let us not beat about the bush, this is frankly superb, one of those best thing I’ve heard since the Jumbo debut moments, all sun fried, softly psyched and mellowed beneath a west coast haziness, in truth the kind of thing that a prime era Earworm would have tripped  over themselves to rush out to the adoring floppy fringe masses.

As said there’s a rather spiffing makeover by the elusive Boards of Canada, who proceed to give the original mix something of a celestial snow globed twinkling, in the process arresting its effervescence to a trippy daydreaming murmur and then seductively wrapping it in a sepia soft seasoning kissed in lilting mosaics and a star fried kaleidoscopic kosmische majesty. Available via Triassic Tusk. 

Additional listening….. two summer mix tapes put up by the Triassic Tusk dudes….



we here are getting so mellow and laid back that we are almost horizontal. Much to a deep disappointment in our own forgetfulness we’ve somewhat been a little light in the feature of Hidden Shoal loveliness of late that we felt it was high time to make amends, with that in mind we couldn’t think of a better way to start than with the latest from Washington Hebrew. The strangely alluring ‘Ima Try’ dinkily dances amid a curiously soft toned gossamer flashing of vintage phrasing crystallised into a woozy dream like fantasia all the time skipping and seducing to craft an amorphous sonic palette that weaves in and out of consciousness to sit somewhere between C Duncan and an ‘Andromeda heights’ era Prefab Sprout.  https://washingtonhebrew.bandcamp.com/track/ima-try-3  

still with hidden shoal, a newly peeled offering from Slow Dancing Society entitled ‘II – the best days of our lives’ has been the subject of a fair amount of swooning around here not least track 2 which incidentally is the title cut, a beautifully caressing slice of lights lowered nocturnal mellowness oozed and snoozed in tripping riff ripples of reclining bliss bathes all affectionately ghosted in a Robin Guthrie like tenderly coiling intimacy. https://slowdancingsociety.bandcamp.com/album/ii-the-best-days-of-our-lives   

first of all, apologies to the Sonic Entrails folk, our planned review of ‘the Doxey Boggart’ has so far been somewhat been shadowed and spooked by mysterious glitches, rest assured it will appear this week sometime. Loosely connected to the Doxey / Sonic Entrails extended family, here’s a little something hopefully coming a haunting to a you tube channel near you soon. Featuring some of the folk responsible for the multimedia ‘the Doxey Boggart’ haunting, here’s a brief conversation with the makers of a forthcoming budget horror entitled the ‘crispy’s curse’….


Message from the Possum dudes to warn us they have new groove out in the shape of a four-track happening entitled ‘electric pickle EP’. This ‘un features the killer ‘wizard beard’ which you might well recall us mentioning way back here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/07/06/possum/ – in truth one of the coolest things we’ve heard all year. That said ‘control’ featured among this dead eye dealing hand is no slouch in the wig flipping stakes, a full on freak out part fried n’ hotwired Reverend Horton Heat sent through the kaleidoscopic hot washer of a particularly kinetic and frenetic head rushing TV Personalities all replete with sci-fi-tronic electro shocks. https://possumyyz.bandcamp.com/album/electric-pickle  

Much smitten by this. Discovered by a sheer and we should say, happy accident by way of a facebook posting, this is the rather delightfully transfixing ‘atmos #1’ by the London based collective V Ä L V Ē. A teaser track culled from a forthcoming EP by the name ‘#1 [the theosophical society]’ which I’m sure you’ll agree manages to craft something of a daydreaming wonderland imagining one suspects, a snoozing magic woodland adored with hypnotically shimmering bowed chimes and music boxes, all very serenely captivating and alluringly twinklesome not to mention playful and cutely becoming, in short, Reich for reception classes and something that ought to be on the radar of those whose listening loves stray fondly to the lulling tones of the Clangers and the Moomins. https://valvemusic.bandcamp.com/album/1-the-theosophical-society    

Mentioned a little earlier in dispatches, here as it happens https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/07/17/maps-and-diagrams-8/ – here’s a newly peeled video accompanying Maps and Diagrams’ ‘octavolt 5.2’ – the centrepiece cut from his forthcoming limited ‘mosaic’ heading out shortly on handstitched.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/226642551″>Maps and Diagrams – OctaVolt5.2</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user65546526″>Carrie Favretto</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Latest or at least, incoming fast on the uber cool cassette label Eggs in Aspic will be a strictly limited kosmick set from Monster Killed by Laser entitled ‘Hall of Spheres’ from off which we’ve the progtastic title track with which to expand your head space with. How these dudes haven’t so far been picked up by Fruits de Mer is a bit of a mystery because soundwise they freebase on the kind of beardy grooves we’ve come to love and expect from the likes of Cranium Pie, Schnauser and Magic Bus albeit as though eyed through the sonic viewfinder of Zombi after a night in blissing to a plethora of Brain releases from the early 70’s. ‘tis all quite essential. https://eggsinaspic.bandcamp.com/album/hall-of-spheres  

As a mark of respect, so shocked were we to hear of the passing of bassist Peter Principle, here’s a few gems from Tuxedomoon…..a band so ahead of the curve they often meet themselves coming back, one of the finest of outsider and artful misfits…..




crookedly bonkers moving picture show by Mark and the Clouds to accompany the track ‘you’re so cold’ – a cut culled from their most recent Mega Dodo full length happening ‘Cumulus’ which I’m suspecting we are yet to hear. And hear we will because this nugget has all the vintage swing and authentic 60’s garage grounding to suggest it’s just been recently uncovered, souped up and given a touch up respray by those dudes over at Dirty Water, blighter sweetly purrs to a primitive beat grooving much recalling the Seeds and the Standells…….

Another slice of connecting to their youngerselves from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, this being the title track from their forthcoming full length ‘the punishment of luxury’ – don’t know about you but we are hearing the retro futurist nods to Karl Bartos aplenty coursing through this galactic mirror ball……

Interlude…….garage fuzz…..the benders, the wimple winch, the rats, the electras, the spaceshits, the endd, the lords, the bad roads, the nightmares….

The benders…….

The Wimple Winch – one off the finest things ever pressed to wax….

The rats……

The electras……

The spaceshits….

The endd……

The lords……

The bad roads….

The nightmares……

Here’s another sneaked out by the Eggs in Aspic folk that too much grumbling and gnashing of teeth we appear to have missed out on. This is ‘oh my my’ – a track pulled from Guiding Light’s recent ‘guiding the light’ cassette release. Now if this doesn’t lay you low and sapped of your emotional defences, then quite frankly we suspect you might be inhuman. A simply crushing tear jerker, ethereal murmurs bruise and ache to sit upon a sonic spectrum positioned somewhere between black heart procession and the Crimea, devastatingly beauty and possessed of one of the most acute delayed punches we’ve had the pleasure of hearing all year. https://eggsinaspic.bandcamp.com/album/guide-the-lightning  

Sorry but more Eggs in Aspic loveliness, well they do insist on putting out classy releases, not least this ‘un by Papernut Cambridge, who last appeared in these missives with their frankly superb contribution to WIAIWYA’s 7×77 series. ‘never fall in love with the ghost of a feeling’ comes ripped from a nearly sold out at source limited cassette entitled ‘second sun EP’, the most mellowed cut of the set, a soft psych ghost light dappled in the tranquil glazing of breezy reclines and a wonderfully daydreamy phrasing that’s longingly arrested as though viewed through the kaleidoscopic lazy eye of a youthful Nick Nicely. https://eggsinaspic.bandcamp.com/album/second-sun-ep  

Stuff……essential podcasts….









ooh we are loving this around here, caught beneath its spell as it snakes and charms its way with an almost casual bewitching colouring our headspace in a woozy haziness, this be Darto with the hypnotic ‘I am/’ – a track culled from their forthcoming set for Aagoo entitled ‘human giving’ due in September. In short something that’s purred in mystic murmurs and a deliriously demurred soft psych fogginess that much imagines the wonderful Black Ryder fed through the viewfinder of a much-missed later career Quickspace. https://soundcloud.com/aagoo/02-i-am-final-mastered-3-30-17  

in addition, and due for release on the same day as the album, there’ll be a special split release with tour mates Wand. Recorded early this year and nailed down across 7 inches of infectious wax, the set features two collaborative cuts, the first features the more frenetic and stare you down new wave angular groove of ‘follow up’. This ‘un arrives spikily cooled in a buzzing hypnotic glare that might easily be mistaken for some thought lost studio faceoff between a seriously skewed and youthful Wire and Klark Kent. Over on the flip awaits the adorable ‘hush’, a seductive flutter by shimmered in mellowing sea faring ripples of cosmic tropicals all kissed in sun bathed halos peppered in west coast sprays all dappled in mind expanding soft psych tonings, reference wise think Gulp in cahoots with the Earlies overseen by Damon and Naomi with Ghost.

I’m guessing you might want to pull up a pew, roll a fat one, spark up, kick back and inhale deeply on the transcendental smoke emanating from this latest wig flipping head expander courtesy of that dude Mr Weatherall. ‘evidence the enemy’ is an early doors third eye tweaking trailer heralding new groove arriving this September in the shape of ‘Qualia’ through the ridiculously hip Hoga Nord imprint. In truth, an acid flashback of sorts to a lost 90’s you were too stoned to remember whereupon comes fused, a hulking cosmic mirror ball where elements of Sonic Boom and Sunray’s ‘dream machine’ morph upon their palette echoes of Timothy Leary and John Sinclair albeit on weirder chemicals to form a huge ever growing kaleidoscopic astral ball, the trippy blighter.  https://soundcloud.com/hoga-nord-rekords/andrew-weatherall-evidence-the-enemy     

Two more cuts you’ll not find on a freebie CD waiting for all those attending the forthcoming Fruits de Mer summer festivities, this is Opel whose light briefly burnt in the 90’s, ‘the bough at Jacob’s rake demos ‘being the name of the disc that you’ll find stuffed into your goodie bag. A set featuring a smattering of lost recordings with these two curiously escaping the gaze of the vault opening, the former very much forerunning the more familiar tones of say, Crystalline Jacqueline with the second, a considerably more pop bedded shot of folk craftsmanship which to these ears veers very close into All About Eve terrains. 

interlude…..twangy things…..the g men, the duals, the mar-keys, the spotnicks, the hunters, the Pharos, the lively ones, the astronauts, the outlaws, the rondels ….

the g men ……

The duals ….

The mar-keys …..

The spotnicks ….

The hunters ….

The pharos ….

The lively ones …..

The astronauts ….

The outlaws ….

The rondels …..

If like us, you have the nature and wherewithal of a butterfly hopping from release to release, quickly seeing what catches your fancy, then you’ll know this record listening lark can be a frustrating thing, so little hours in the day to feature and give adequate credit to everything that happily passes your way. That said, I must admit there was a sense of awe struck silence when this next one appeared on our player, taken from a forthcoming long player just out via prophecy entitled ‘The Sea I’m Diving In’, this is Neun Welten. Alas no sound links on this one but that said we’ve been more than succumbed by the charms of ‘drowning’ which aside managing to find itself a safe spot somewhere between the Black Heart Procession and Grails, arrives spirited in a shaded folk noir trimmed in tenderly captivating melodic ghost lights whilst traced in a head bowed mourn haunted in loss and regret. The effect is crushingly beautiful and intimately grieving whilst touching yet tormented with the application of craft simply exquisite.

So cold it freezes to the touch, so isolationist its unmarked postcode roughly reveals its location lost somewhere in the gaps existing between alternative futures and dimensions, latest teaser from erstwhile head pupils over at Polytechnic Youth, that’ll be Middex, shows no sign of them thawing anyday soon. ‘low life’ retains their typically starkly sparse minimalist outsiderism, sore thumbs raised on a diet of Ralph and Some Bizarre platters whilst simultaneously very much tuned into the cold war surveillance sound worlds frequented by those impish souls the Truth About Frank. ‘low life’ stares bleakly into the darkening shadow lands of an age to come / been or perhaps very much present seen through a prism gouged in a seedy brutalism.


Just what we need after a thankless and tedious 9 to 5 day, some hot wiry discordance. Hells teeth this is damaged stuff, noiseniking, furious, rancid and unkempt, oh go on – feral, fractious and flip wiggingly up close and personal and just in case you haven’t quite got the message – savage. This be new head shrapnel happenings from Dead Cross hurtling out of ipecac, a collective comprised of members of slayer, locust, retox and mr bungle, this is ‘grave slave’ from a full length called ‘dead cross’ – suggested nailing down of moveable objects and the wearing of protective head wear is heartily recommended.

Take Dan Haywood, put him in a room with some dude from three dimensional tanx – that’ll be Richard, drag in Rob and Simon to assist, put meat on the sonic bone and bolster the number to four, don’t want to be a duo that’s just so passé these days and then let them fire up and burn. Who’d have thought that the man (Haywood) who in recent years has been responsible for some of folks most enlightening moments harboured a secret desire to kick back and get all scuzzy. The quartet go by the name Pill Fangs, an album of the same name is due to mess with fringes this coming October via a split label head to head through the Now Sunstone / Suppressed imprints, from that set this awkward teaser has been sent forth, it be called ‘bison grass’. A quickly drilled 100 second dash of infectiously skewed n’ scowling cowpunk is what our ears do detect where hints of the Violent Femmes finds themselves in a tightening headlock served up by jello Biafra and mojo Nixon….nuff said.

How long was he playing for, I only ask because it sure appears to go dark fast. This is Rudy Trouve performing recently at a small French holiday resort, it’s all very low key and not at all what we were expecting. Many thanks to Jezus Factory dude Andrew for giving us the heads up on this one, we really must get around to catching up on his recent happenings. All said we suggest that the track that kicks in at the 24-minute mark, sorry I’m useless with these tracks identifying things, is worthy of the admission fee alone especially if your musical boat floats to the sounds of a youthful Eno / Bill Nelson.

Talking of folk who’ve strayed from our field of listening, word has reached us of a second set (what – a second – blimey we’ve missed the first – grrr) of kosmische nuggets from Six by Seven is afoot and ready to enter sonic orbit sometime soon, let’s call it next week for certainty sake, through Saturday night Sunday morning. From it ‘Der Trottel (Any Sign of Life)’ has been sent on a reconnaissance brief, something we reckon that ought to be ripe for those tuning their turntables into the grooves of deep distance and sulatron, immense head expansive wig flippery that very much voyages into the vintage terrains of a mid-70’s kraut kool, at once hypnotic, hallucinogenic and very much crafted, inspired and designed with reference to the ways of the Berlin School of Electronics. Essential stuff.  https://soundcloud.com/sixbysevensoundcloud/1-der-trottel-any-sign-of-life  

Another of those rescued from the vaults of obscurity releases, a limited repress of a set that first appeared in ’69  and pre-dates the visionary collaboration that forged White Noise. ‘electronic’ features the coming together of Derbyshire, Hodgson and Vorhaus, although not collaboratively, save for two tracks between Hodgson and Derbyshire, these recordings were intended for TV use with many finding their way onto the cult sci-fi show ‘the tomorrow people’. Herewith ‘the lure of the space goddesss’ by Delia Derbyshire here operating under the pseudonym Li de la Russe, an all too brief though beautifully bewitching glacial ghost light courted in alien majesty and touched by a spectral eeriness. The two would (Hodgson and Derbyshire under their secret identities) incidentally, go on to collaborate together again this time with Don Harper on ‘electrosonic’

Quite stunning emotionally turbulent happenings emanating from the Portuguese tape label Colectivo Casa Amarela in the shape of the devastatingly crushing ‘pendulum’ by Alter. This is the title track pulled from a limited 6 track cassette, (incidentally there’s also a CD variant being put out by Grimoire), a seismic cut from which the sense of aching desperation literally sears from, for amid this storm ravaged slab of dead heading stratospheria, the hollowing of hope abandoned futility flinches, bows and withdraws within a raging sea of sonic solace. Quite stunning in its brutal beauty if you ask me.

Staying with Colectivo Casa Amarela a wee while longer, here’s a cut from Ulnar’s recently released ‘Dreaming of Sailing Further West’ full length, this one entitled ‘sailing further west’ might take a few listens to cut deep, but let your headspace acclimatise to the shimmering halos of feedback and what ought to usher forth through the blister kiss sheens of white noise bliss is the serene and stately almost hymnal hush of celestial choral caresses emerging into full ecliptical formation before fading into the ether, all of which reference wise, should reference markers be needed, had us much minded of a youthful Flying Saucer Attack in cahoots with a ‘true’ era Roy Montgomery.

Wonderfully scuffed, skewed and slightly sozzzled, new thing from the Shifters, well the B-side ‘contrast of form’, is smartly pressed with a delightfully dented around the edges awkwardness that’s primed in a c-86 flavouring, think Weddoes and the Pooh Sticks sharing a rainy evening snuggled up to a turntable with Modern Lovers treats aplenty filtering the listening space. This ‘un is getting a limited 300 only pressing through Market Square, the lead track incidentally be ‘a believer’. Total stylus satisfaction I would have thought. https://soundcloud.com/market-square-recordings/msr-017-the-shifters-contrast-of-form  

fancy some more of that Market Square grooviness, course you do, ‘cept to say this one’s probably been out for yonks, you’ve probably all got it, played it to near destruction and are now tired to the back teeth of it. Anyhow another limited 7 inches sortie this time from Real Numbers who on the evidence of ‘frank infatuation’ sound like cheery folk with a bag full of sunshine pop shimmery. This effervescent sortie finding itself quickly drilled in the kind of endless summer hued chiming strummery that once upon a time used to fly out of such much missed sound houses as bus stop and summershine one time or another in the very distant past.

a little something, we tripped over by sheer accident and a thing that’s been causing something of a flutter around these here parts, this is colouroid with ‘hhh’ through, we believe, the flexiwave imprint. A strangely alluring slice of chill wave loveliness that echoes to an early 80’s electro minimalist toning whilst seductively stepping in and out of the shadows peeling itself from off the wall to tentatively throw shapes across post punk club floors with rash forming infectiousness. In short, an adorable ghost light that ought to appeal first hand to those much smitten with the kind of retro sounds once heading out of the New York based Weird imprint.  https://soundcloud.com/flexiwave/flexi020-colouroid-hhh   

Is it just me or is this disturbingly beautiful. Debut outing for Mattokind, a Berlin based duo who as the press release point out delight in ‘….merging the organic and electronic worlds together through a love of Beethoven string suites and hardware techno’. Okay what might sound quite high brow on initial reading is listening wise, something alluring, romantically inclined and a thing best served after lights descend, for ‘scenescape’ is adored in such a becoming pristinely toned craft that its mellowing dream like mosaics airily arrest, swirl and serenade with an amorphous serene pacing that slipstreams sensuously between a ghost like cinematic grace and an intimate moment of classicist reflection. https://soundcloud.com/xlr8r/download-mattokind-scenescape   

Now we here are accustomed to the well-heeled sounds heading out of the drag city imprint, Wand’s latest being the case in point and still attracting repeat plays weeks after first introducing itself to our listening space. However, if teaser track ‘paper bag’ is anything to judge by, a new platter incoming from Circuit des Yeux due to this October called ‘reaching for indigo’ might take some shifting in the affection stakes. One of those rare tracks that occasionally come along and leave you teetering on your back foot struggling hard to make sense of what exactly is happening and for that matter what you are hearing, for ‘paper bag’ continual morphs anew refusing to be easily confined to a fixed point, all the time shifting in pace, canter and tone and something once emerged through the dreamy haze that greets its initial greeting call, awkwardly or should that be, peculiarly treads an off kilter path that weaves between shadowy psych folk, math rock contortions, macabre music hall, Reich repetitions and distantly subtle nods to Patti Smith. Whatever the case, its guaranteed to have you frantically hitting the repeat button as you simultaneously try to peel your jaw off the floor.

Simply stunning, a scab picking slice of wiring psychotronic art pop, ‘k bye’ finds the Raave Tapes heading onto the club floor scene to spread their dead heading contagion, its short fused 2.27 wiring all the time scowling with an edgy agit gouged menacing that tensely coils around you snake like in its claustrophobic grip. Any questions then? Guess not. https://soundcloud.com/raavetapes/k-bye/s-kMNpa  




w/ Bleeding Knees Club











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