I don’t mind saying that this has been flirting with our headspace this last day or so, erroneously missed on initial asking, new on liberto this is the hotly tipped Adwaith with what we believe, might well be their debut outing, i say we believe because we’ve foolishly lost sight of the press release. Anyhow this is ‘Femme’ – an affectionately sunny sortie with a subtle bite, which once heard has an incurably impish want for getting under the skin and laying little earworm eggs. Their press folk make mention of classic era Postcard and Cherry Red and do you know, we here are in total agreement, because there’s a coolly spun twinklesome breeziness afoot here where the dappling of softly shimmered 60’s Velvets motifs are pouted and purred through a Kirsty MacColl lens and softly stirred in a deliciously laid back Go Betweens style with hints of a very youthful ‘tigermilk’ era Belle and Sebastian. As is typical of these things, it’s the flip that edges matters in the affection stakes for ‘lipstick coch’ has a decidedly deceptive sucker punch whose sashaying swing is softly demurred in a soft psych spell craft that sweetly seesaws between the Haight Ashbury and Stealing Sheep.

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