Staying with the regal crabomophone imprint, heading out on the same day, towards the end of September, a new five track happening from Stay featuring a self penned cut from their current ‘the mean solar times’ full length, along with three covers and a remix of an oldie featuring a guest guitar appearance from Ride’s Andy Bell. Its makes for a summery salvo pressed up limited number coloured vinyl loveliness, the set opening to the smoking caress of the psych soaked ghosting of ‘always here’, a cut wrapped adoringly in a smouldering drift breeze that hints of the much missed Autumn Leaves and featuring some of the coolest opining slide riffage we’ve heard all year. Up next a cover of the Bee Gees’ ‘every Christian lion hearted man will show you’ is faithfully brought up to date and into the bargain drizzled in a softly tweaked tripping kaleidoscopic haziness. Mind you its their take on the Kinks’ ‘where have all the good times gone’ that had us quietly wowing as we hugged the turntable, kissed with a vintage sound so authentic you’d swear it had walked straight out of a magic back door found at the rear of a happening mid 60’s Carnaby St hipster boutique.  Not quite done with the covers for Buffalo Springfield’s ‘rock and roll woman’ gets a well deserved makeover, here attractively tuned to a ear candy 70’s MOR phrasing that had us with a mind to dig out our prized copy of Dennis Wilson’s ‘pacific ocean blue’ though in truth something that ought to snag the ear of those similarly smitten by the Hanging Stars. While lurking around the end grooves you’ll find ‘you know it’s right’ – a remix therein, is wonderfully woven in a delectably warming countrified toning that had us much recalling the Summer Hymns in all the ascending finery, and yes it does sound like a prime time Byrds as the press release rightly reminds.   

always here - stay

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