the chemistry set

Oompah psychedelica in all its finest and richly quintessential English eccentrica, ablaze in daisy chaining kaleidoscopic swirls, all revealing impish post card holiday images of a Blighty reserve where bank holiday seasides, Sunday afternoon park band stands and the pomp and regality of marching bands quaintly melt and morph in mushrooming mosaics, where through the ruffle of parlour curtains there’s a teasing glimpse of a listening room where the Kinks, Small Faces, Syd era Pink Floyd, the Rutles, Dukes of Stratosphear are sucked down the ribald rabbit hole of Blur’s paean to a simpler age a la ‘parklife’. This be the Chemistry Set, the lead track as it happens from a new forthcoming three track head expander through Fruits de Mer sub print Regal Crabomophone titled ‘lovely cup of tea’ – this ‘un being ‘lovely cuppa tea’. A classic in waiting. Over on the flip the equally tasty ‘the rubicon’ is your nuts down straight up slab of strutting garage groove, typically trademark Chemistry Set happening oozed in keys and psychedelicised trimmings aplenty featuring wiry guitar breaks, frankly you’ve never heard them sound so charged, cut loose and wasted n’ wired. Wrapping up the set, a track we mentioned in passing a wee while ago, here in fact – a frankly stunning cover of the Moody Blues’ ‘legend of a mind’ –  blighter near had us falling off our listening perch with the onset of swooning bouts.   

lovely cuppa tea

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