dcw briggs and gavin baker

It has been, pausing with a heavy sigh, too long since Gavin Baker troubled these missives, back in the day anything remotely whiffing of Meets Guitar and Billy Mahonie where liable to be the cause of much swoon around these here parts. Here he is in collaborative cahoots with David CW Briggs who if I recall may well have featured here in some capacity care of a Fruits de Mer release or at the very least an FdM recommendation, we lose touch of such things these days. Anyhow emerging through the admired Reverb Worship stable shortly, ‘a meal for two’ sees both trading and bouncing off each others creative spirit, from that set this reflective haunting entitled ‘have you decided who i am meant to be’. Ghostly bewitchment, perhaps an apparition whatever the case there’s a dream like tug afoot here softly caressed in forgotten musical tongues, a hymnal spectral caught in a moment echoing to a fading memory all delicately woven in hazy dissipates and a sense of bliss bruised woozy serene.

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