I’ll admit not the intended listening for the evening, but then this did come along catching us on the hop. Alas all the cassettes have long flown the coup to much grumbling disappointment here, still all the same an immaculate release heading out of the Italo tape label Infidel Bodies. This is 11xxx27 with a set called ‘essence’ from off which we’ve found ourselves somewhat smitten by the briefest of visitations offered up by ‘pink cloud’ – a beautifully expansive oceanic ghost light oozed in dreamy reclines imparting sepia tinged spectral reflections. However, that said ‘faded memories’ incidentally the longest track on the set, is no slouch in the serene atmospherique stakes, arriving as it does sweetly harvested upon the looped grooved opine of hazing sprays of pulsing lunar lovenotes. https://infidelbodies.bandcamp.com/releases


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