Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 32.0…. w/e 12/08/2017 – side a….

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 32.0…. w/e 12/08/2017 – side a….

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

…. features …

Akiha Den Den, Red and the Hogweeds, the loved ones, the electronic system, akasha, thick pigeon, modern art, cinema 90, total control, das ding, elisa waut, rexy, 62 miles in space, gary numan, children of leir, go go dancer, deerhoof feat Laetitia sadier, groomes, garbage, the fireworks, golden pelicans, misty coast, gnarwhal, la witch, rosemary loves a blackberry, adwaith, Turquoise Days, Soviet Soviet, La Femme, Kas Product, Norma Loy, Gleitzeit, Le Syndicat Electronique, Andi Arroganti, cobra man, chemistry set, stay, the cramps, the mono men, the mummies, the fuzztones, the satelliters, the urges, chessmen, pleasure seekers, benni, blushing, ummagma, own brand, wand, Fumio Miyashita, david cw briggs and gavin baker, simon james, gershon kingsley, mankind, planet earth ….

Opening groove …


On our radar for closer inspection sometime this week, the hugely anticipated and dare I say, much looked forward sonic event that is ‘Akiha Den Den’. Out just now through Castles in Space on limited appearance, ‘Akiha Den Den’ comes pressed up on opaque clear wax and includes an additional CD featuring over 70 minutes of sound-scapes. The sounds composed by Simon James where commissioned for a radio drama written by Neil Cargill. Utilising old school analogue electronics and with a liberal nod to the celebrated BBC Radiophonic Workshop, both the radio drama and the accompanying soundtrack pair together sublimely echoing to a golden era where radio provided the main entertainment, here both the power of the word, the sonic atmospherics engage in a uniquely eerie source of suggestion giving rise to flights of fantasy within the listeners imagination as a result forging a direct conversation and an intimacy whose effect is still more potent than the visual medium. For now, sit back, listen and lose yourself in the mystery, the macabre and the magic of this brief twelve-minute voyage into the shadows of the past.

Strangeness abound courtesy of a curiously kooky ultra-limited lathe press from Red and the Hogweeds, just 30 of these knocking around and selling fast in an optional choice of colours – black or clear. Alas no information on these dudes except to say to say they craft something moulded in the kind of scuzzed up garage groove that’s more flavoured of the early 80’s punk polotik scene, albeit without the politics, here we are leaning towards Serious Drinking, though that’s more apparent on the flip offering ‘mind like an ocean’ whereupon moments veer subtly into the fraying dayglo terrains of the Buzzcocks. However, it’s the lead cut ‘wiggly woo’ that’s sure to attract the listening looks, both daft and damaged and featuring barking sounds aplenty…. always a good thing to hear on record as is whistling, harmonicas, lighting of fags and belching, this ‘un might just prove too irresistible for the folk among so adoring of Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones. https://redandthehogweeds.bandcamp.com/album/wiggly-woo-mind-like-an-ocean  

Latest teaser cut from the forthcoming Gary Numan full length ‘savage – songs from a broken world’ offers a quieter and more thoughtfully reflective tone than the current lead out single ‘my name is ruin’. ‘What God intended’ is ushered upon a swarthy dust dry arabesque mistral, its sense of finality and search for knowledge beyond these mere mortal coils has been a central part of the Numan canon pretty much throughout all his career. Amid its humid over casting shadow a grace falling apocalyptic hymnal swirls, at once soured, bruised and fearful of its own mortality, a solitary voice in an eternal masterplan searching for answers to questions as old as time itself, it’s a deeply personalised crusade, a confrontation, a journey nearing end.

These dudes hail from Leicester and have seen fit to so far escape our radar, something which has been the cause of much perplexing angst around these here parts. Thus far releasing three albums, ‘hurt’ comes ripped from their latest set, the incidentally self-titled ‘children of leir’, they describe themselves as a psych / drone horror pop outfit which in truth may well serve to under appreciate their craft for what our ears do detect here is something coolly shimmered in Chocolate Watchband overtones albeit as though rephrased through a collective viewfinder belonging to a gathering of palace swords, tomorrow syndicate and sunray types. I suspect you’ll be hearing more from these folk in future dispatches.

More head swirling kaleidoscopia this time from Reykjavík of all places from where I guess we here are more accustomed to hearing sounds of a pristine pop glacial toning emanating from, nor that this one is lacking in the pristine pop flavouring department you understand. Anyhow before we send out for a bigger spade to assist in the continual digging of huge holes these folk are the Go Go Darkness with ‘radio talk’ – a track lifted from a recently released self-titled full length, all hippy trippy lysergic lock grooves of woozy soft psych loveliness which at times had us with an overpowering urge to dig out a smattering of Donovan platters, ah well does it for us.

Interlude …. Strange electronics and cold war grooves ….. the loved ones, the electronic system, akasha, thick pigeon, modern art, cinema 90, total control, das ding, elisa waut, rexy ….

The loved ones …..


Electronic system ……

Akasha ….

Thick pigeon …..

Modern art ….

Cinema 90 …..

Total control ….

Das ding …..

Elisa waut …..

Rexy …

Impeccably immaculate and if I’m not very much mistaken, something coloured and crafted in the same 60’s spectral noir toning that adored those early Broadcast outings, that it at once hints of fellow Mega Dodo label folk Beautify Junkyard and Le SuperHomard might quite possibly be a mere coincidence though the dusting of Stereolab and Lake Ruth may well have you thinking otherwise. This is the lead out track from a forthcoming limited red wax four track happening heading out soon via Mega Dodo by 62 Miles from Space entitled ‘time shifts’, a softly alluring slice of cosmic chic delicately demurred in silky psyche shimmer tones all mesmerically murmured and finitely honed and shoe horned in a seductively radiant hermetically sealed mirror ball. Tell me again, what is there not to adore.

Ripped from their imminent and incoming ‘mountain moves’ full length through joyful noise, here’s Deerhoof’s ‘come down here and say that’. What can we say, playful, kooky and strangely frisky if not a tad slyly funky with a want for some club floor action. Still not convinced eh…well how about if we say it features a guest vocal appearance from Laetitia Sadier some subtle chicly tweaked jazz fruitiness and a kind of off kilter wooziness which every time you think you’ve got a hold of, fractures, zig zags and goes off on a momentary detour fusing together dreamy reclines and disco mirror ball effervescences, all said it’s all enough to guarantee it’ll drive you to adoring distraction. 

This just has ‘wow’ written all over it in huge hulking letters, just love the way it ghosts past your defences, the airless environment in which it inhabits softly stirred in a murmuring magnetism that whispers with a starrily ethereal sepia ghostliness, quite touching and agreeably dreamy n’ floaty all said. This is Grooms with a track lifted from a forthcoming Western Vinyl set ‘exit index’ – this ‘un going by the name ‘turn your body’.

You can feel the gathering swarm of shadows encircling to close you in, corruption and tyranny be their names, restlessly picking away at the freedoms of speech, thought and protest, pouring forth a choking malaise dividing neighbours and suffocating protest. This be the brutal defiance and fateful foretelling that is ‘no horses’, the latest from a clearly rejuvenated and teeth baring Garbage, all at once dark, doomed and damaged stricken in terror and paranoia, a harrowing apocalyptic wind.

Dates with Blondie on the ‘rage and rapture’ tour…….

August 8 – Seminole Hard Rock Live Arena, Hollywood, FL

August 9 – Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL

August 11 – ACL Live, Austin, TX

August 12 – Southside Ballroom, Dallas, TX

August 14 – Palacio de Los Deportes, Mexico City, MX

September 15 – Fantasy Springs Casino – Indio, CA *

September 16 – Kaaboo Festival, Del Mar, CA *

October 20th-21st – Coordenada Festival, Guadalajara, MX*

*Dates not part of Rage & Rapture tour

Been out and about for a month or so, I must admit it’s been ages since we had the pleasure of shelflife groove doing delightfully bad things to our listening space, herewith the Fireworks courtesy of ‘dream about you’  an ever so cutesy cute slice of love noted shimmer popped bubblegum dandiness which unless our ears do seriously deceive has a certain thing for the primitives and its person, certainly something that ought to cause plenty of turntable swooning among those still mourning the passing of fortuna pop. https://soundcloud.com/shelflife/dream-about-you  

Another that’s been out for a wee while, couldn’t resist this once heard, a scuzzed up fuzz bombing slab of rock-a-hula from Golden Pelicans courtesy of the wiry ‘buck 380’ – a cut dragged from a full length kicking around on Goner records entitled ‘disciples of blood’. This wild and wasted bad ‘un scowls, scuffs and shakes to the kind of primitive beat that we here used to be accustomed to hearing from much missed imprints such as Estrus and Italy, is it just me or is there a hint of the Black Halos about this. https://soundcloud.com/gonerrecords/golden-pelicans-buck-380  

Totally smitten with this ‘un, latest loveliness from Misty Coast, this is ‘trash talk smile’ – a track pulled from their forthcoming self-titled set for Club AC30 arriving September time, a delightfully passing flutterby courted in head swirling ripples of affectionately dappled tropical breezes all teased with a hopelessly adorable and dare we say, seductive soft psych seasoning that forms dreamy whirlpools in your headspace of the type that Gulp are on occasion accustomed to crafting with much purring elegance.


The band will be hitting the road in November in support of Amusement Parks On Fire.

Tour dates:

Fri 17th LEEDS The Library

Sat 18th GLASGOW The Hug + Pint

Sun 19th NEWCASTLE The Cluny

Mon 20th MANCHESTER Gullivers

Tues 21st BRISTOL The Exchange

Wed 22nd OXFORD The Bullingdon

Thur 23rd NOTTINGHAM The Bodega

Fri 24th BIRMINGHAM Sunflower

Sat 25th LONDON Borderline

used to be a time when we’d get sent shed loads of stuff that sounded like this, sadly not these days, instead we find ourselves having to rummage around the back alleys of bandcamp and soundcloud, a ramble through the latter turning up this little nugget. From Gnarwhal this is potently acute angular groove of ‘being kidding’ – a track that ought to appeal first hand to those of you much adoring of those freeform rapscallions over at foolproof projects whilst similarly veering into the kind of agit math gouging that tumbled out of the likes of the much missed Brew imprint of Leeds a few years not to mention Touch n’ Go, a wiry blighter literally oozing punctuated riffs and blessed with the kind of nagging irregular head musicality that ought to have you furiously hitting the repeat button. https://soundcloud.com/explodinginsoundrecords/gnarwhal-being-kidding

another killer teaser tasting from the forthcoming self-titled L A Witch full length incoming September through Suicide Squeeze. This be ‘drive your car’ – a riff rumbling nugget found slinkily shadow playing whilst adorned in the finest Link finery and kissed with a purring dragster growl that hints of evenings lost pouring over forgotten Mono Men platters, primitive pow wow seductively wasted and indelibly flavoured in ultra-cool. https://soundcloud.com/suicide-squeeze-records/la-witch-drive-your-car/s-a6j7l  

expect heap loads of love for this in the coming days. Out via Anti Ghost Moon Ray on limited issue cassette, of the pink variety as it happens, a debut full length from Rosemary Loves a Blackberry, a truly amazing release it should be said literally teaming in ethereal creativity whilst darting between the generic cracks and shadows of pops outer spectrum. For now, our ears have locked upon ‘debris’ one of the albums more ominously toned dark hearts which emerges forged upon a kinship that finds it eerily freewheeling in the sonic spaces between EMA and a young Grimes, a ghost light spectral shimmered in a chill toned vintage all sparsely seductive yet all the same undercut with a deep set sinister haunting. ‘purr’ on the other hand is traced to a more playful disposition, a radiant kosmische echo weaving sublimely down cold war fused noir /down tempo demurred electronic corridors treading in the footsteps of both Faten Kanaan and Pye Corner Audio albeit as those colluding with Musetta, purr class.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/185811458″>rosemary loves a blackberry &mdash; purr 🐱</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/rosemarylovesablackberry”>rosemary loves a blackberry</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I don’t mind saying that this has been flirting with our headspace this last day or so, erroneously missed on initial asking, new on liberto this is the hotly tipped Adwaith with what we believe, might well be their debut outing, I say we believe because we’ve foolishly lost sight of the press release. Anyhow this is ‘Femme’ – an affectionately sunny sortie with a subtle bite, which once heard has an incurably impish want for getting under the skin and laying little earworm eggs. Their press folk make mention of classic era Postcard and Cherry Red and do you know, we here are in total agreement, because there’s a coolly spun twinkle some breeziness afoot here where the dappling of softly shimmered 60’s Velvets motifs are pouted and purred through a Kirsty MacColl lens and softly stirred in a deliciously laid-back Go Betweens style with hints of a very youthful ‘tigermilk’ era Belle and Sebastian. As is typical of these things, it’s the flip that edges matters in the affection stakes for ‘lipstick coch’ has a decidedly deceptive sucker punch whose sashaying swing is softly demurred in a soft psych spell craft that sweetly seesaws between the Haight Ashbury and Stealing Sheep. https://soundcloud.com/user-396293907/adwaith-femme  

Interlude ….  chilled dream pop …. Turquoise Days, Soviet Soviet, La Femme, Kas Product, Norma Loy, Gleitzeit, Le Syndicat Electronique, Andi Arroganti,

Turquise Days ……

Soviet Soviet ….

La Femme ….

Kas Product …..

Norma Loy ….

Gleitzeit …

Le Syndicat Electronique ….

Andi Arroganti …

Interlude …. rumble …… the cramps, the mono men, the mummies, the fuzztones, the satelliters, the urges, chessmen, pleasure seekers…..

The cramps ….

The mono men …..

The mummies ….

The fuzztones ….

The satelliters …..

The urges ….

Chessmen ….

Pleasure seekers …..

Oompah psychedelica in all its finest and richly quintessential English eccentrica, ablaze in daisy chaining kaleidoscopic swirls, all revealing impish post card holiday images of a Blighty reserve where bank holiday seaside’s, Sunday afternoon park band stands and the pomp and regality of marching bands quaintly melt and morph in mushrooming mosaics, where through the ruffle of parlour curtains there’s a teasing glimpse of a listening room where the Kinks, Small Faces, Syd era Pink Floyd, the Ruttles, Dukes of Stratosphear are sucked down the ribald rabbit hole of Blur’s paean to a simpler age a la ‘parklife’. This be the Chemistry Set, the lead track as it happens from a new forthcoming three track head expander through Fruits de Mer sub print Regal Crabomphone titled ‘lovely cup of tea’ – this ‘un being ‘lovely cuppa tea’. A classic in waiting. Over on the flip the equally tasty ‘the rubicon’ is your nuts down straight up slab of strutting garage groove, typically trademark Chemistry Set happening oozed in keys and psychedelicised trimmings aplenty featuring wiry guitar breaks, frankly you’ve never heard them sound so charged, cut loose and wasted n’ wired. Wrapping up the set, a track we mentioned in passing a wee while ago, here in fact  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/06/08/the-chemistry-set-5/ – a frankly stunning cover of the Moody Blues’ ‘legend of a mind’ –  blighter near had us falling off our listening perch with the onset of swooning bouts.  

Staying with the regal crabomophone imprint, heading out on the same day, towards the end of September, a new five track happening from Stay featuring a self-penned cut from their current ‘the mean solar times’ full length, along with three covers and a remix of an oldie featuring a guest guitar appearance from Ride’s Andy Bell. Its makes for a summery salvo pressed up limited number coloured vinyl loveliness, the set opening to the smoking caress of the psych soaked ghosting of ‘always here’, a cut wrapped adoringly in a smouldering drift breeze that hints of the much-missed Autumn Leaves and featuring some of the coolest opining slide riffage we’ve heard all year. Up next a cover of the Bee Gees’ ‘every Christian lion-hearted man will show you’ is faithfully brought up to date and into the bargain drizzled in a softly tweaked tripping kaleidoscopic haziness. Mind you it’s their take on the Kinks’ ‘where have all the good times gone’ that had us quietly wowing as we hugged the turntable, kissed with a vintage sound so authentic you’d swear it had walked straight out of a magic back door found at the rear of a happening mid 60’s Carnaby St hipster boutique.  Not quite done with the covers for Buffalo Springfield’s ‘rock and roll woman’ gets a well-deserved makeover, here attractively tuned to an ear candy 70’s MOR phrasing that had us with a mind to dig out our prized copy of Dennis Wilson’s ‘Pacific Ocean blue’ though in truth something that ought to snag the ear of those similarly smitten by the Hanging Stars. While lurking around the end grooves you’ll find ‘you know it’s right’ – a remix therein, is wonderfully woven in a delectably warming countrified toning that had us much recalling the Summer Hymns in all the ascending finery, and yes it does sound like a prime-time Byrd’s as the press release rightly reminds.  

No sooner do we dispatch Goner arrivals Golden Pelicans latest and along down the track come two more essential ear wear items from the Memphis based garage imprint. First up Cobra Man whose sneaky teaser ‘weekend special’ – a track ripped from their forthcoming September expected ‘new driveway soundtrack’ full length, is a time tunnelling echo to a late 70’s shape cutting electro club land scene, don’t know about you but this sounds like the Flying Lizards on their bestest behaviour freebasing on swiped by night studio tapes belonging to Giorgio Moroder and Cerrone with a very youthfully kooky Fred Schneider of the B-52’s doing the front work, all at once instant, infectious and desirably rash forming not to mention ultra-sexy.  https://soundcloud.com/gonerrecords/cobra-man-weekend-special-new-driveway-soundtrack-goner

Staying with Goner, heading out October time will be the debuting full length from BÊNNÍ entitled ‘I and II’ – from it and being sent ahead on scouting duties, the seductive yesterday sound of ‘pyrran control station’ – a nifty slice of lunar kosmische that freefalls into the vapour trails of the much admired Zombi,so yep one for all you Tangerine Dream / Vangelis types and something that sits neatly where the retro tonings of the ‘stranger things’ and ‘blade runner’ soundtracks converge not to mention courting a retro futurist groove that sublimely plugs into John Carpenter’s recent ‘lost themes’ collections notably ‘Utopian façade’ if I’m not very much mistaken.  https://soundcloud.com/gonerrecords/benni-pyrran-control-station-goner  

I could have sworn we’d mentioned these folks in passing, I’m still convinced we have though all the search like evidence attests otherwise. Anyhow this is Blushing with a track from an EP by the name ‘Tether’ that’s been out for a while, this being the utterly breath-taking ‘mess’ – blimey does this not sound more Cocteau Twins than the Cocteau Twins, everything about this just purrs cool dream dazed seduction, the crystalline riff corteges, the murmuring melodic grace falls and that voice, in short – heavenly.  https://soundcloud.com/weareblushing/mess  

frosted in a stately elegance, the thawing beauty of its crystal tipped formations seductively haloed in the beguiling radiance of shimmering ethereals, this is the swooning dream pop demur of Ummagma’s ‘lama’ – the Robin Guthrie mix, arriving soon on the somewherecold imprint via the ‘LCD’ EP.


A most welcome message received earlier today, one that gladdened the heart I’ll have you know, from a certain Allan Murphy telling us that he’s loosely resurrected Midwich Youth Club albeit under a different name, had us skipping and dancing in the local streets around our gaff which for people familiar with the postcode where we live, is an act that’s more than likely to incur fast approaching violence upon one’s personage. Where were we, ah yes Midwich Youth Club, announce from henceforth they be called Own Brand, there’s even an album afoot, out today in fact, called ‘songs to accompany the punk rock heritage trail’ which is at present being given close listening scrutiny from off which we’ve been more than enamoured by the charms of ‘new wave b side’. A sub three-minute trip into daytime TV game show realms, only joking, or are we, a curious Kosmische Ceefax cutie, remember Super Nintendo first generation, well imagine that rewired and artfully crafted by the Vision On folk with a delightfully dreamy and lunar floating futuristic lounge-y lift music vibe by Telex with perhaps Richard O’Sullivan opting in last minute to replace a recharging Thomas Dolby. It’s classy, quirky and slightly kooky which I guess makes it essential listening. https://midwichyouthclub.bandcamp.com/album/songs-to-accompany-the-punk-rock-heritage-trail    

Arriving shortly via drag city, new full-length loveliness from Wand in the shape of ‘plum’ from off which, turned out on preview duties is the wiry dream daze of ‘bee karma’. This honey comes punctuated between moments of carefree cloud watching and the splintering of stoner scuzzed impacts, the overall feel graced with a freewheeling loud / quiet dynamic honed to a smoking bliss kissing trippily hippy beatnik grooviness blessed with coolly strutting swings and floating dissipates. Any questions from the back. 

Better grab yourselves a seat for this one because it’s liable blow you clear through into next week. This is Fumio Miyashita and an excerpt taken from a live performance set for release on drag city entitled ‘Live on The Boffomundo Show’, an amazingly intimate appearance where comes conjured a delightfully tripping slice of mystic kosmische folk, which unless  our ears do deceive, sounds not a million miles in terms of the hypnotic stylings of a certain Silver Apples.

It has been, pausing with a heavy sigh, too long since Gavin Baker troubled these missives, back in the day anything remotely whiffing of Meets Guitar and Billy Mahonie where liable to be the cause of much swoon around these here parts. Here he is in collaborative cahoots with David CW Briggs who if I recall may well have featured here in some capacity care of a Fruits de Mer release or at the very least an FdM recommendation, we lose touch of such things these days. Anyhow emerging through the admired Reverb Worship stable shortly, ‘a meal for two’ sees both trading and bouncing off each other’s creative spirit, from that set this reflective haunting entitled ‘have you decided who I am meant to be’. Ghostly bewitchment, perhaps an apparition whatever the case there’s a dream like tug afoot here softly caressed in forgotten musical tongues, a hymnal spectral caught in a moment echoing to a fading memory all delicately woven in hazy dissipates and a sense of bliss bruised woozy serene.

Interlude …. Dr Who theme in the style of Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Delia Derbyshire, John Carpenter …. plus, Mankind, Planet Earth and a bonafide granddaddy of electronic pop from Gershon Kingsley …..

… must admit we’ve been enjoying these ‘what if the Dr Who theme had been done by ……’ soirées……. I was going to drop these in the stuff section, but so good we thought we’d feature them in an interlude ….

…… more Who stuff ….

Planet earth ……

Mankind …

Gershon Kingsley ….

Mentioned in earlier despatches, strangely enough at the beginning of this particular missive as things would have it, a wonderful slice of classically vintage toned Radiophonic disturbia via the Castles in Space folk courtesy of ‘Akiha Den Den’. Limited to 300 copies, all pressed on opaque clear wax and including a CD’s worth of unreleased recordings totalling seventy-one minutes, ‘Akiha Den Den’ is your traditional ghost telling from the crystal set, a play that sensory wise, echoes to the golden age of radio for what is a traditional haunting. No doubt inspired particularly by the writings of Nigel Kneale, Brit folk horror and those stories that populated an Earth-bound Dr Who in his third incarnation (Jon Pertwee). The drama,  written and directed by Neil Cargill, was broadcast across six episodes last Autumn and was blessed by sinister score arranged by Simon James. A supernatural tale of an invading malevolence crossing between dimensions from beyond the veil, its setting a remote Scottish village. Such thematic pairing provides perfectly, all the requisite ingredients for a listening experience whose eerie chill is primed in the finest tradition of the spoken word ghost story, James’ scoring exquisitely accentuating a claustrophobic and unworldly atmosphere that’s both metered in dark dread and stricken in tension. Within these grooves, excerpts of the broadcast are liberally spliced with soundtrack incidentals, the feeling is one of isolation, capturing perfectly that intimate connection and ominous sense of the words’ power of suggestion in turn acting as a conduit for the imagination to take flight. In addition to both the album and the CD, via the download code (the CD tracks incidentally aren’t available on this option), you’ll find two further tracks, remixes therein by Jon Brooks of both the ‘Akiha Den Den’ theme and ‘Cool Ending’ with the latter especially gravened by a sparsely crafted disquiet that’s very much shaped in the likeness of an 80’s era John Carpenter score and found flickering with a ghostly foreboding that recalls moments from drawn from the ‘Halloween III’ and ‘the Fog’ suites. As to the bonus CD, as said seventy-one minutes’ worth of terrorphonics creatively chilled by Simon James, between moments of ethereal beauty and Radiophonic pulsars, you are taken beyond reality and over through to the dark side, for here lunar mosaics dissolve into spectral fairgrounds, the key watchwords here are remoteness and abandonment. At times Stockhausen-ian apparitions flicker in and out of the shadows, likewise an indelible dusting of Delia dialects haunt this icy mysterio, with one ear on a classicist crafting the other spent frequency detuning and manipulating sound waves, Mr James creates an alien landscape that finds its roots between the narrow gaps of dream and nightmare. Much here is classic late 60’s Dr Who orchestrations, and here I’m much minded of ‘the tenth planet’ score with a heavy nod towards Louis and Bebe Baron’s legendary ‘forbidden planet’ soundtrack. That said draw a little closer towards the fragmenting motifs and sometimes obliquely subliminal effects and buried between the icy isolationism, the disconnection and the minimalist murmurs, peer’s brief moments of symphonic lushness. 

All six episodes of Akiha Den Den can be heard here .. http://www.akihadenden.com/listen/

Side b…….at the other side……….

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