Elvis …..

Elvis ….

If the memory holds, i remember the news of Elvis’ death coming through one summers night, 16th August 1977, it hit my mum like a hammer blow, the Memphis flash was gone. The summer holidays were over for me and our kid as she mourned the passing of her first love,a day trip to a rain sodden Southport next day was particularly bleak, the blur of Donna Summer on the jukebox and the unflattering images of a bloated ‘King’ on the covers of the tabloid rags will be a day i’ll never forget. Elvis had been an integral part of my musical education, Sunday lunch time while the dinneer was cooking my mum would fire up the hi-fi in the sitting room and for the next hour or so a stack of records peppered with the many ages of Elvis from the good to the bad would be played. As a child i’d marvel at the glossy sleeves, weathered and worn n’ well played, the EP’s and the LP’s all seemed cooler than anything else around, ‘Rock n’ Roll No 2’ being my favourite. Elvis was a force of nature, he was beyond music spearheading the 50’s American dream, the ultimate rags to riches tale bringing black music to predominantly white middle class homes, he  was dangerous and untamed, wild and raw. Forty years since his passing, the Elvis machine shows no sign of stopping, it might be right to say he’s more  successful and famous now than when he was alive with many of his fan base too young to remember his seating among the rock n’ pop elite top table. That an Elvis, out of the lime light for several years, nervous and unsure of his pull in a late 60’s scene that had, for all intents and purposes, left him behind should turn in one of the most iconic performances in rock’s history was a testament to the man, an event soaked in sex,humour and cool, you think i’m wrong, then dig out the Elvis ’68 tapes, this dude was burning. And so the 40th anniversary of his passing, an extended hit of Elvis as a mark of respect to the King.



curios …


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1 Response to Elvis …..

  1. Dougie says:

    Well said that man.
    A similar bleak morning was had in my house that day. My mum brought me up on a diet of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra, and the Everly Brothers. So to see her so devastatingly heartbroken, over the death of ‘her Elvis’, saddened and confused the crap out of my 7 year old self!
    But it was the realisation that a simple singer of songs, could impact someone so much, that really stuck with me.
    When time was up for my heroes, Mr Cash, and more recently, Mr Bowie, my mind was taken back to this day, with a clear understanding of how my mum was feeling that morning.
    The King is dead.
    Long live the King.

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