Following our concerned words mourning the passing of the Hare and the Moon after eight years and the somewhat chill of silence therein of Grey Malkin, I think we may have inadvertently disturbed the slumber of some incoming darkly magical happening, for earlier today word reached us from the hand of Grey Malkin with announcements that plans are afoot for the numerous release projects. Among these, collaborations with various Stone Breath-ers as Wodelich, a new Floating World full length with Amanda Votta and working with United Bible Studies. However, before all that comes to fruition, the imminent unveiling of Mare is nearly upon us, a collective featuring the combined talents of David Colohan and Daughters of Grief, who thus far have made brief utterances courtesy of a teaser taster for a forthcoming long player on a recent Reverb Worship sortie entitled ‘reverberation’, which to untold grumbling here, we appear to have missed. A ghostly apparition in the shape of ‘a silver and circular corpse’ makes for superb seductive disquiet, whereupon the listener is taken to a place beyond imagination and understanding from where the atmospherics are chilled and steeled in the unearthly whilst blessed of a sound palette that teeters between the magical and the macabre. Here, ethereal whispers and the soft haunting of twilight shadows conspire and collude to grace a visitation that’s draped in a demurring spell craft that’s secreted behind the veil.

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