eli winter

Immaculate and exquisite, just two words that we here at least, draw in humbled conclusion as being the only way to describe ‘take no notice’ by Eli Winter. A thing of quiet majesty, at once both intimate and intricate, much like Eric Arn mentioned earlier, Mr Winter practices a lost art that immediately upon hearing, recollections of John Fahey and Jack Rose instantly step to fore of the mind. Here the finger picking is deftly spun, the melodies genuflecting, cascading and swirling with a harmonious lushness to create an airy waltz to colour a palette rich in a detail so vivid and sharp that you swear it’s genteel opining where intrinsically at one with the very elements of nature themselves. On reflection perhaps, in recent memory at least, only Scott William Urquhart veers into the same thoughtfully studious classicism.

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