eric arn

Okay i’ll put my hands up on this one in openly admitting i dropped the ball. Currently scrambling around checking to see where this pesky laptop has seen fit to hide the download, might be a while mind so while we are busying ourselves with that task, here’s a little treat. This ‘un is from an album that’s been doing brisk business – we hope – for the feeding tube imprint entitled ‘orphic resonance’ by Eric Arn, this particular track being ‘pas d’une hélice’. Now as much as Mr Arn attempts as he might, to disfigure, gouge and waywardly fray the palette, you are still drawn undeterred, to the imagining of the ghost of John Fahey sitting on its shoulder. Vividly rich in its imagery of a rolling prairie idyll, there’s an expressive sunny radiance attaching throughout this day dreaming lazy eye, its rustic blues optimism flirts and flurries as it tumbles down the undulating rolls of this snoozing posie whereupon the calmly tranquil signatures of Loren Connors dwell whilst serenely counting clouds.     

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