matti bye

As the evening draws deeper towards the witching hour, what better way to spend the moment than serenaded by the intimate beauty flowing forth from the finitely sparse grooving of ‘Absence’. A track  pulled from a forthcoming set heading out of the Tona Serenad imprint entitled ‘this forgotten land’ by Sweden’s most in demand film composer Matti Bye. In an age of fast product and commercialism, its heartening to hear something dappled and coloured in old school classicism, not  of this time, ‘absence’ is a whisper, more so, a fleeting apparition from a forgotten age, for atmosphere, mood and emotion pour forth here in abundance, poised and patterned in a sepia framed nostalgia, at once harking to an era of both black and white austerity and the velour of a celluloid golden age. At moments a hinting of Komeda flickers in the shadows, its abandoned rain drenched city lights by might ghosted in a cosmopoltan cold war spy noir touching.  Quite perfect if you ask me.

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