mordecai smyth

Another email found loitering in our spam box, i guess John Mega Dodo thought he could sneak this one past us, Sir you generally have to get up very early in the morning for any of that malarkey to catch us out. We were going to shelve this till the weekend but given our unnerving knack and annoying ability to put off permanently what we plan to put off temporarily, we thought we best to get onto this tout suite. A new happening from Mordecai Smyth will shortly be upon us in the shape of a pencilled for November release full length entitled ‘the mayor of toytown is dead’. Best described as a voluminous prog tapestry featuring nine newly peeled wig flipping suites which for now our ears have found themselves trained upon two cuts of note – ‘river of sleep’ and the set parting ‘dissent into chaos’. The former mentioned cut with such finitely crafted sonic beauty you’d swear he’d taken refuge hidden in the headspace of Rob Gould in the intervening period between this and his last outing. A psych prog trip pill rippled in wyrd shadow fallen sprays of intricate mysticism which should you need reference markers, I’d be obliged to offer up a first album era Levitation as your first starting point. That said, in truth, and maybe it really is just me, but i swear if i hadn’t read the press gubbins and made note of the name on the downloads, i’d have said ‘dissent into chaos’ was some vault find thought lost foolishly discarded Peter Gabriel gem found homeless and wanting during his first three solo recordings, certainly has that off the page vintage about its wares. Alas no sound links for the present, rest assured we will try to remember a fuller revisit.   

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