i speak machine

something of a teaser trailer heralding incoming sonic occurrences from I speak machine. ‘shame’ comes pulled from the duo’s forthcoming multimedia package ‘zombie 1985’ – a soundtrack for a self-made film that’s recently been backdropping their live shows. Steeled in an icy vintage that pays homage to the analogue age of the day, ‘shame’ is a retro tech torch song that prowls the shadowy terrains of an imagined twilight haloed futuristic dystopia situated between the sonic cracks that divide the worlds of John Carpenter and the Stranger Things, all pulsing synths and chill toned kosmische shadow plays, the sounds recalls an Allison Goldfrapp dark twin plugged into a youthful pre ‘love is a stranger’ era Eurythmics vibe that bunny hops on Peter Gabriel’s ‘games without frontiers’, smoking cold noir.

Staying with I Speak Machine here’s an unofficial video adoring their cover of Gary Numan’s ‘cars’ – a darkly haunting and eerily disconnected re-reading, its fracturing macabre very much located on a sonic axis drawn of elements of Cabaret Voltaire in cahoots with a youthful John Foxx.

…and talking of Mr Numan, next month’s issue of Electronic Sound will, for those subscribing to the bundle set, be accompanied by a 7-inch vinyl freebie featuring a meat beat manifesto rephrasing of his recent ‘my name is ruin’ outing….   

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