samira winter

As though it’s not enough us having our in box filled to busting with tuneful releases and a kitchen top space taken up by a mountain of CD’s, that we feel the urge to be on the prowl looking for additional sounds on the interweb. Good job that we do because if we didn’t then we’d not be turning up gems like this ‘un. This is heading out of the – we think – Escritório imprint – on cassette by the looks of things, by Samira Winter it’s called ‘always teenager’ which I guess is what my head tells itself every single day it wakes up until the brutal reality of the bathroom mirror shatters the dream. Ah well enough grumbling. In truth one of the tracks that’s best described as something liable to creep up on you just when you least expect, far from being in your face it rather more sits out of ear line softly pouring its spell craft, a beautifully shy eyed whisper it be, something you’d have expected the Happy Happy Birthday to me label to have sneaked out under the radar back in the day. You keep expecting it to peel away and show its teeth yet it never does, instead daintily navigating from a point that starts to a softly stirred hazy psych reverse loop motif before the onset of a dreamily murmured cooing pressed upon a fizzing scowl like slacker riff, it just smothers you in its safe spot softness, does it for us whatever you say.  

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