Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 33.0….

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 33.0…. w/e 19/08/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

…. features …

Yellow6, the doomed bird of providence, psyence, psychedelic trip of death, las cobras, pin ups, 11xxx27, moderniste, bobcat ’65, gilroy mere, faten Kanaan, the hare and the moon, future passe, mare, matti bye, chad vangaalen, elvis, eric arn, mordecai smyth, vukovar, eli winter, pinkshinyultrablast, scott william Urquhart, samira winter, Escritório, radio modular, radio mutation, maximum rock n roll, retro obscura, earache, mottey’s garage, rock n roll rampage, record roulette, tom morris, i speak machine, gary numan, …. the sound defects, savages, lilium, son lux, sleep dealer, ghostlight orchestra, the Winston Giles orchestra, broadcast / Andy votel, liminal drifter, Erik Nilsson, flora plus, whimsical, fc judd, the eye and the mistoids, polypores, twilight ritual, Poeme Electronique, Mekanik Kommando, A Blaze Color, XYLITOL, Boris Dzaneck, Christof Glowalla, Abwärts, Daniel Schmidt, bruce forsyth, adam faith, pierre henry ….


Opening groove …. Pierre Henry 1927 – 2017 ….. respect …


Typically starting this missive with a handful of apologies, first of which goes to Jon Atwood / Yellow6, happy birthday incidentally Jon. This one was sneaked out by the Somewherecold imprint recently in a limited 50 only cassette edition, all alas now sold out, this being the flip side of a brace of extended suites collectively entitled ’13 loops’ that provide what might be best described as a controlled study into the application of varying tones and lengths of loops within a creative palette. As the sets title might give hint, 13 loops are utilised across these two 20 plus minute symphonies, ‘II’ particularly reaching back to an old school Y6 soundboard that indelibly roves and mooches around a bitter sweet late 60’s spy noir toning that’s paused and purred in a reflective poise and an introspective bruising, the colouring set to an Autumnal rubbing casts something that’s somewhat dappled in a withdrawn beauty whose intimacy setting is heightened and  intensified to maxima with the arrangements cooled and coalescing to an overcasting chic and a neo classicist majesty that’s at once blissful, touching and soured in an emotional untethering. https://swcyellow6.bandcamp.com/album/13-loops   

Many apologies to Justin over at Front and Follow who must think we’ve been ignoring him of late. On the contrary, a slight mislaid release in the pile of CD’s is currently being sought, so while we are rummaging around, a brief teaser, well I say brief for this a sub twenty-minute teaser tasting of immenseness to come in the shape of the doomed birds of providence. It’s been a while since they last troubled our listening space but it’s safe to say that if the epic soundings of ‘burrowed into the soft sky’ is anything to judge by then this should feature quite highly among the selections when the time to cobble end of the year lists is upon us. As said a twenty-minute odyssey is afoot, at once graceful and alluring between moments of impacting turbulence and dream draped tenderness, the doomed birds folk craft a mystic folk collage that sumptuously rises and falls from moments of divine spell craft embraced and dove tailed amid swirling tides of crushing atmospheric acuteness which at times has you imagining yourself at the entrance gates of some secret twilight safe place remote of a maddening and needy modern world outside. For here the dappling of far eastern / Australasian mosaics with the briefest rubbing of sweetly hushed Gaelic pastorals collectively conspire to fill a sonic canvas in an expressive lushness both beguiling and transfixing which occasionally throughout its duration embraces moments stirred in an ominous shadow falling portent. Should references be needed, then it recalls classic outings that have graced such noted imprints as Fat Cat, Constellation and Kranky in recent memory ultimately drawing to mind both Set Fire to Flames and Godspeed albeit as though the latter had seen fit to embark on a hitherto spiritual retreat in the deepest wilderness of Tibet.  https://fandf.bandcamp.com/album/burrowed-into-the-soft-sky   

My, my … head zapping psychedelic wig flipped freakery from Psyence courtesy of a forthcoming happening entitled ‘black hole’. Alas no sound links for the present time, but trust me this kosmick cruising dandy comes shimmered in oodles of mind morphing arpeggio flotillas and warping wah wah’s. Just between you and me, this babe has the kind of creative savvy swing that recalls the Lucid Dream about its wares whilst blessed with a zonked-out senses overloading hit of kaleidoscopic infusion that’s bliss kissed with a swaggering soul grooved smoking. Essential I’m gathering.

You should find various visits to the blog that celebrates itself peppering this particular missive, I feel we’ve done them a disservice not as yet quite gathering together the time to mention in greater detail what has been a tremendously formidable release roster this year. Latest to the TBTCI is a frankly blow you away tribute to the Velvets called ‘after hours, Velvets in another view’. As with previous releases a gathering of talents drawn together to pay homage to a selected artist / band, on this occasion 25 such shade adorned souls approach the altar of VU. As ever time is running against us, so for this cherry picking stop over how could we resist not opening up this mention that with a cover of ‘run run run’ by the excellently named psychedelic trip of death who name alone ought to guarantee a wakening of interest not withstanding the fact that on this showing there’s more than a whiff of the cool allure of a JaMC era ‘automatic’ attaching to their Velveteen rephrasing. Causing swooning fits around these here parts, Las Cobras arrest ‘here she comes now’ to the merest of murmurs, smoking spectral psych very much framed in the image of Cheval Sombre and Galaxie 500. Last up for this particular mention, I promise we will be back later in the week, how on earth could we resist ‘Sunday morning’ as revisualised through the lens of Pins Ups found here featuring a guest appearance by Cachorro Grande’s Pedro Pelotas, a faithful sweetheart gorgeously lazy eyed, softly twinkled and delightfully cooled in a carefree cloud watching cosiness. https://theblogthatcelebratesitself.bandcamp.com/album/after-hours-velvets-in-another-view  

I’ll admit not the intended listening for the evening, but then this did come along catching us on the hop. Alas all the cassettes have long flown the coup to much grumbling disappointment here, still all the same an immaculate release heading out of the Italo tape label Infidel Bodies. This is 11xxx27 with a set called ‘essence’ from off which we’ve found ourselves somewhat smitten by the briefest of visitations offered up by ‘pink cloud’ – a beautifully expansive oceanic ghost light oozed in dreamy reclines imparting sepia tinged spectral reflections. However, that said ‘faded memories’ incidentally the longest track on the set, is no slouch in the serene atmospherique stakes, arriving as it does sweetly harvested upon the looped grooved opine of hazing sprays of pulsing lunar love notes. https://infidelbodies.bandcamp.com/releases  

Staying with Infidel Bodies a little while longer, incoming September should see the emergence of a new cassette featuring la moderniste entitled ‘Imbalsamazione’ which if the teaser trailer is anything to judge by, ought to high on the wants list radars of those usually tuning into the Boring Machines sound worlds, not least because as brief as it is, there’s a revealing of something ominously doused in a menacingly manifested industrial scratched dark techno chilling.

Something very special heading out shortly via clay pipe music, under another of his many alter egos, Oliver Cherer, here trading as Gilroy Mere, takes you gently by the hand and with a twinkle of nostalgic fondness pays tribute to the forgotten London General Omnibus Company. Who – you might ask, well these folk were responsible for the buses that used to link London with the surrounding outlands, recognised for their green livery the company fell to deregulation in the 80’s therein being consigned to history and memory. ‘green lines’ is a journey – by bus obviously – to simpler times that chimes to the same sentiment as that train adoring dude Darren Hayman, from that set, incidentally pressed on green wax – what else, ‘dunroamin’ is sent out of the garage. A wonderfully woozy pastoral posie rubbed in an affectionate sepia toning all breathlessly warmed in a cosily familiar vintage that recalls Tunng, amid its carefree reminiscences of forever summers and the endless trail of tree lined landscapes a spectral ghosting of melancholy endows all with a bitter sweet mourn.


Many thanks to Dom over at Polytechnic Youth for sending over early previews of what is, a quite frankly immense happening heading out of the label September time from Faten Kanaan. A 400 only wax pressing entitled ‘Pleiade Hex 6’ which rest assured, you’ll be hearing more about later in the week. For now, though, currently previewing on her bandcamp site you’ll find the alluring ‘all by compass’ – the second track note takers. In short, a magically ornate mysterio, whose fairy-tale trimming and heraldic spectral tongues twinkle majestically as though amid some strange regal ceremony whereupon a host of musical conversations play peek a boo in some hitherto lunar forest of enchantment, very Delia all said. https://fatenkanaan.bandcamp.com/  

Frantically hitting all the buttons at once, this is the uber cool, ultra-sexy and smoking cool new thing tumbling out of the get hip soundhouse. By Bobkat ’65 this is ‘this lonely road’ the lead track from their same named debuting full-length platter. Twang-a-rama shimmer toning 60’s smouldered groove imbibed with death, deceit, double dealing jealousies and Ouija boards are I guess the ingredients stirred into this shadowy slice of soft psych seduction, any questions.

rummaging as you do around this here cyberspace, we were most disturbed, nay alarmed and saddened to note that the recent outing from the Hare and the Moon, on this occasion in cahoots with Futur Passe, was indeed we’re sad to discover their last. A cryptic message on their band camp announcing them no more was further followed by the oblique note that the hare and the moon are now as ‘ghosts’. The lack of messages from Grey Malkin and an almost cessation of reviews for the Active Listener serves ominously that he has gone to ground. Tis a shame because the Hare and the Moon where probably one of the finest purveyors of ye olde folk ways, ghosted in mysticism and blooded in a haunting folklore that literally peeled away the years transporting the listener to medieval times, a sonic spectre versed in the tongue of age old heraldry, the Moon folk traversed a mercurial though less trodden path unto which at one time or another such names as dead can dance, coil and more latterly, preterite had walked. As a mark of respect, we suggest you tune into the sets parting shot, for ‘ballade de merci’ is a ghostly waltz that draws from the very same well as that that did bring forth the soundtrack adoring the legendary cult folk horror ‘the wicker man’, wonderfully crystalline and strangely uplifting though irrefutably shimmered in a woozy folk spell craft.   https://thehareandthemoon.bandcamp.com/track/ballade-de-merci

Elvis ….

If the memory holds, I remember the news of Elvis’ death coming through one summers night, 16th August 1977, it hit my mum like a hammer blow, the Memphis flash was gone. The summer holidays were over for me and our kid as she mourned the passing of her first love, a day trip to a rain sodden Southport next day was particularly bleak, the blur of Donna Summer on the jukebox and the unflattering images of a bloated ‘King’ on the covers of the tabloid rags will be a day I’ll never forget. Elvis had been an integral part of my musical education, Sunday lunch time while the dinner was cooking my mum would fire up the hi-fi in the sitting room and for the next hour or so a stack of records peppered with the many ages of Elvis from the good to the bad would be played. As a child, I’d marvel at the glossy sleeves, weathered and worn n’ well played, the EP’s and the LP’s all seemed cooler than anything else around, ‘Rock n’ Roll No 2’ being my favourite. Elvis was a force of nature, he was beyond music spearheading the 50’s American dream, the ultimate rags to riches tale bringing black music to predominantly white middle class homes, he was dangerous and untamed, wild and raw. Forty years since his passing, the Elvis machine shows no sign of stopping, it might be right to say he’s more successful and famous now than when he was alive with many of his fan base too young to remember his seating among the rock n’ pop elite top table. That an Elvis, out of the lime light for several years, nervous and unsure of his pull in a late 60’s scene that had, for all intents and purposes, left him behind should turn in one of the most iconic performances in rock’s history was a testament to the man, an event soaked in sex, humour and cool, you think I’m wrong, then dig out the Elvis ’68 tapes, this dude was burning. And so, the 40th anniversary of his passing, an extended hit of Elvis as a mark of respect to the King.



curios …


Following our concerned words mourning the passing of the Hare and the Moon after eight years and the somewhat chill of silence therein of Grey Malkin, I think we may have inadvertently disturbed the slumber of some incoming darkly magical happening, for earlier today word reached us from the hand of Grey Malkin with announcements that plans are afoot for the numerous release projects. Among these, collaborations with various Stone Breath-ers as Wodelich, a new Floating World full length with Amanda Votta and working with United Bible Studies. However, before all that comes to fruition, the imminent unveiling of Mare is nearly upon us, a collective featuring the combined talents of David Colohan and Daughters of Grief, who thus far have made brief utterances courtesy of a teaser taster for a forthcoming long player on a recent Reverb Worship sortie entitled ‘reverberation’, which to untold grumbling here, we appear to have missed. A ghostly apparition in the shape of ‘a silver and circular corpse’ makes for superb seductive disquiet, whereupon the listener is taken to a place beyond imagination and understanding from where the atmospherics are chilled and steeled in the unearthly whilst blessed of a sound palette that teeters between the magical and the macabre. Here, ethereal whispers and the soft haunting of twilight shadows conspire and collude to grace a visitation that’s draped in a demurring spell craft that’s secreted behind the veil.

Latest sneak peek escaping the grooves of the forthcoming happening from Chad VanGaalen, incidentally through Sub Pop entitled ‘light information’. This be ‘mind hijacker’s curse’ which I must admit has been colouring our listening space best part of the last quarter of an hour in all manner of twinkly starry lunar mosaics not to mention dancing prettily whilst cutting cosmically enhanced orbital shapes. In short, a wonderful slice of easing off the gas lazy eyed bliss pop, hints of classic era Elephant 6 collective wooziness had the Flaming Lips turned up on their roster albeit with a side serving of a youthful Animal Collective stirred in for good measure and a pinch of Astronauts flavouring the mix.

More Elvis ….

As the evening draws deeper towards the witching hour, what better way to spend the moment than serenaded by the intimate beauty flowing forth from the finitely sparse grooving of ‘Absence’. A track pulled from a forthcoming set heading out of the Tona Serenad imprint entitled ‘this forgotten land’ by Sweden’s most in demand film composer Matti Bye. In an age of fast product and commercialism, it’s heartening to hear something dappled and coloured in old school classicism, not of this time, ‘absence’ is a whisper, more so, a fleeting apparition from a forgotten age, for atmosphere, mood and emotion pour forth here in abundance, poised and patterned in a sepia framed nostalgia, at once harking to an era of both black and white austerity and the velour of a celluloid golden age. At moments a hinting of Komeda flickers in the shadows, its abandoned rain drenched city lights by might ghosted in a cosmopolitan cold war spy noir touching.  Quite perfect if you ask me. https://soundcloud.com/tona-serenad/matti-bye-absence  

Okay I’ll put my hands up on this one in openly admitting I dropped the ball. Currently scrambling around checking to see where this pesky laptop has seen fit to hide the download, might be a while mind so while we are busying ourselves with that task, here’s a little treat. This ‘un is from an album that’s been doing brisk business – we hope – for the feeding tube imprint entitled ‘orphic resonance’ by Eric Arn, this particular track being ‘pas d’une hélice’. Now as much as Mr Arn attempts as he might, to disfigure, gouge and waywardly fray the palette, you are still drawn undeterred, to the imagining of the ghost of John Fahey sitting on its shoulder. Vividly rich in its imagery of a rolling prairie idyll, there’s an expressive sunny radiance attaching throughout this day dreaming lazy eye, its rustic blues optimism flirts and flurries as it tumbles down the undulating rolls of this snoozing posie whereupon the calmly tranquil signatures of Loren Connors dwell whilst serenely counting clouds. https://soundcloud.com/eric-arn-sounds/pas-dune-helice-from-orphic-resonance-feeding-tube-2016      

Okay it’s not the normal thing you’ll find us doing and yes, we’ve mentioned the track and featured the video previously to much adoring, however just received a note from the folk over at Vukovar to say they’ll be playing a very special Liverpool date just ahead of the release of their fourth full length ‘puritan’ through brutalist house…. anyhow we’ll let them tell you all you need to know …. Safe to say we’ll be making a rare trip out to observe the happenings ……

‘Vukovar are releasing 4th LP ‘Puritan’ on the 25th October through The Brutalist House. There will be a launch at Maguire’s in Liverpool, with Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Coil, The Sorrow, Spell, Current 93…) joining the pop act for this and a couple of shows in September, which is something for which words cannot do justice enough.

It features the spoken words of actor, screenwriter and man of taste Graham Duff, comes dressed in a beautiful, homoerotic and militaristic cover by Andrezj Klimowski and offers a window into a way of life that never really was. Songs of depravity and despair whittled from decaying old concrete; visions of a horrifying future and nostalgia for a time that never existed.

Tickets for the launch (the venue is small and we don’t want to have to send anybody away, so tickets will be a better option than trying to pay on the door).’


Another email found loitering in our spam box, I guess John Mega Dodo thought he could sneak this one past us, Sir you generally have to get up very early in the morning for any of that malarkey to catch us out. We were going to shelve this till the weekend but given our unnerving knack and annoying ability to put off permanently what we plan to put off temporarily, we thought we best to get onto this tout suite. A new happening from Mordecai Smyth will shortly be upon us in the shape of a pencilled for November release full length entitled ‘the mayor of toytown is dead’. Best described as a volumous prog tapestry featuring nine newly peeled wig flipping suites which for now our ears have found themselves trained upon two cuts of note – ‘river of sleep’ and the set parting ‘dissent into chaos’. The former mentioned cut with such finitely crafted sonic beauty you’d swear he’d taken refuge hidden in the headspace of Rob Gould in the intervening period between this and his last outing. A psych prog trip pill rippled in wyrd shadow fallen sprays of intricate mysticism which should you need reference markers, I’d be obliged to offer up a first album era Levitation as your first starting point. That said, in truth, and maybe it really is just me, but I swear if I hadn’t read the press gubbins and made note of the name on the downloads, I’d have said ‘dissent into chaos’ was some vault find thought lost foolishly discarded Peter Gabriel gem found homeless and wanting during his first three solo recordings, certainly has that off the page vintage about its wares. Alas no sound links for the present, rest assured we will try to remember a fuller revisit.  

Immaculate and exquisite, just two words that we here at least, draw in humbled conclusion as being the only way to describe ‘take no notice’ by Eli Winter. A thing of quiet majesty, at once both intimate and intricate, much like Eric Arn mentioned earlier, Mr Winter practices a lost art that immediately upon hearing, recollections of John Fahey and Jack Rose instantly step to fore of the mind. Here the finger picking is deftly spun, the melodies genuflecting, cascading and swirling with a harmonious lushness to create an airy waltz to colour a palette rich in a detail so vivid and sharp that you swear it’s genteel opining where intrinsically at one with the very elements of nature themselves. On reflection perhaps, in recent memory at least, only Scott William Urquhart veers into the same thoughtfully studious classicism.

…and talking of Scott William Urquhart, we spied this spot of entrancement on his sound cloud page, a track by the name ‘Apple Orchard Rag’ which I’m certain we haven’t mentioned previously. A frankly sublime slice of sun flecked radiant jubilance whereupon the sweet drift scapes of delta folk blues are harnessed and harvested into a blossoming bouquet of jaunty moonshine merriment, as ever the trademark finger picking detailing pressed to swoon settings with the overall effect turned in to reveal a most alluring spray of joyously uplifting pastoral posies. Utterly breath-taking in a word. https://soundcloud.com/scott-urquhart-3/apple-orchard-rag  

Incoming via Club AC30, new loveliness from pinkshinyultrablast in the shape of ‘find your saint’ – in short, a sublime snow frosted slice of twinkling radiance that ought to have you eyeing your sound player suspiciously thinking it be some hitherto lost hand carved lullaby by the Cocteau Twins from back in the day. What unfolds here is a svelte airless love note sweet hearted by the divinely harmonious adoring of crystal tipped chiming corteges gathering to form a peek a boo night lit dance with the demurring lost in moment vocal coos, really is most affectionately alluring. https://soundcloud.com/club-ac30/psub-fys  

As though it’s not enough us having our in box filled to busting with tuneful releases and a kitchen top space taken up by a mountain of CD’s, that we feel the urge to be on the prowl looking for additional sounds on the interweb. Good job that we do because if we didn’t then we’d not be turning up gems like this ‘un. This is heading out of the – we think – Escritório imprint – on cassette by the looks of things, by Samira Winter it’s called ‘always teenager’ which I guess is what my head tells itself every single day it wakes up until the brutal reality of the bathroom mirror shatters the dream. Ah well enough grumbling. In truth one of the tracks that’s best described as something liable to creep up on you just when you least expect, far from being in your face it rather more sits out of ear line softly pouring its spell craft, a beautifully shy eyed whisper it be, something you’d have expected the Happy Happy Birthday to me label to have sneaked out under the radar back in the day. You keep expecting it to peel away and show its teeth yet it never does, instead daintily navigating from a point that starts to a softly stirred hazy psych reverse loop motif before the onset of a dreamily murmured cooing pressed upon a fizzing scowl like slacker riff, it just smothers you in its safe spot softness, does it for us whatever you say.  https://soundcloud.com/escritorio_tnr/samira-winter-always-teenager   

Stuff ….









tis still Elvis week in our gaff, readying ourselves to watch ‘Charro’ a little later, though disappointed the networks don’t show ‘a change of habit’ – anyway we rooted this curio out, it’s by Tom Morris, he of her name is calla fame, here doing a spot of intimate reading by way of an iPhone recording of ‘always on my mind’ – must admit the frail and fragile setting heightens that sense of lonely reflection when the door shuts itself on the world and the night starts to creep in, wonderfully bruised incidentally.  https://soundcloud.com/temorris/you-were-always-on-my-mind?in=temorris%2Fsets%2Fothers   

something of a teaser trailer heralding incoming sonic occurrences from I speak machine. ‘shame’ comes pulled from the duo’s forthcoming multimedia package ‘zombie 1985’ – a soundtrack for a self-made film that’s recently been backdropping their live shows. Steeled in an icy vintage that pays homage to the analogue age of the day, ‘shame’ is a retro tech torch song that prowls the shadowy terrains of an imagined twilight haloed futuristic dystopia situated between the sonic cracks that divide the worlds of John Carpenter and the Stranger Things, all pulsing synths and chill toned kosmische shadow plays, the sounds recalls an Allison Goldfrapp dark twin plugged into a youthful pre ‘love is a stranger’ era Eurythmics vibe that bunny hops on Peter Gabriel’s ‘games without frontiers’, smoking cold noir.

Staying with I Speak Machine here’s an unofficial video adoring their cover of Gary Numan’s ‘cars’ – a darkly haunting and eerily disconnected re-reading, its fracturing macabre very much located on a sonic axis drawn of elements of Cabaret Voltaire in cahoots with a youthful John Foxx.

…and talking of Mr Numan, next month’s issue of Electronic Sound will, for those subscribing to the bundle set, be accompanied by a 7-inch vinyl freebie featuring a meat beat manifesto rephrasing of his recent ‘my name is ruin’ outing…. 

Interlude …. the mellow section …. the sound defects, savages, lilium, son lux, sleep dealer, ghostlight orchestra, the Winston Giles orchestra, broadcast / Andy votel ….

The sound defects …..

savages ….

son lux ….

lilium ….

The Winston Giles orchestra ….

sleep dealer ….

ghostlight orchestra ….

broadcast – Andy votel rmx …..

 must admit to being a tad smitten with this. Incoming from hidden shoal, liminal drifter’s 2015 set ‘troubled mystic’ gets the rephrasing treatment courtesy of a select gathering of folk who arrive to adore this re-visualised set, now renamed ‘the night train vacancies’, to impart their own unique musical tongue upon Simon Order’s sublime sound palette. For now, sent ahead on scouting duty, Erik Nilsson relocates the dream drift demur of the title track ‘troubled mystic’ into more nocturnal climates. Utilising down tempo motifs rubbed in smoky noir murmurs, a chilled svelte beguile is ushered forth that draws both on the carnival vibrancy of the city lights and the lulling syncopating purr of the train carriage rhythm as it bobs and weaves huffing and puffing to a metronomic lilt. Add in the vapour kissed ethereal tones, the dancing folk pastorals, a hinting of lights lowered torch lounge sophistication not to mention that overall sense of being lost in the moment, and you have yourself something that finds itself seesawing of a beautified spectrum somewhere between ROC and Musetta. https://soundcloud.com/hidden_shoal/troubled-mystic-erik-nilsson

 It depresses us to say this, but we have absolutely no information on flora plus save to say this one solitary track that mysteriously popped up on our player. ‘a prideful child’ is one of those rare ghost light moments where beauty and enchanting dovetail into the terrains of eerie and sinister whereupon behind the affectionate twinkle of a playful lullaby some ‘ne’er do well sense of dread reaches from out the shadows. References should you need them, then imagine if you dare EMA’s soundtrack for ‘#horror’ dropped into the wiles of some strange beyond concocted by the surreal and sinister imagination of those Villa9 studio folk a la the unseen et al. https://soundcloud.com/flora_plus/a-prideful-child-n-i-k-t-u-k-u

I’ll be honest in saying that we’ve kind of lost touch with these Saint Marie releases, here’s Whimsical who if I recall rightly have recently reconvened in the bargain sounding as good as ever, this be ‘flutter echo’ a bruising slice of drift-scape, less on the dream pop and more toned in a strangely alluring folk flashing, that truth to be told isn’t that far off finding kinship with Cary Grace. Press this upon some intricately and dreamily spun riff needle work and you have yourself a withdrawing honey whose reflective tug and intimate tailoring draws you close like a moth to a lightbulb. https://soundcloud.com/saintmarie-records/whimsical-flutter-echo

interlude…. electronica….F C Judd and much more….

Practical electronica….

Practical electronics…..


F c Judd……


Vintage electronics and psychedelics – volumes 1-8…..eight hours of rare electronic sounds……

be honest, with a description like ‘flaming lips meets mastodon doing war of the worlds’ did you honestly think for a second that I was going to pass up on this. That the set features a guest appearance by a certain Stephen James Buckley who many of you might know or recognise better as Polypores only adds to its essential listening nature. This be ‘Mecha’ by the eyes and the mistoids, the work of Lancashire based prog head Stuart Smythe, a sci-fi opera of sorts that sounds as though it’s been time tripped from the mid 70’s which before you all start fearing the onset of forming beards from the listening of, let’s just say, leaving the obvious prog-ian detours aside  – see ‘the battle for the skies’ much reminiscent I must admit of thumpermonkey, this is as barking as it is wigged out. A cybrotronic nightmare dreaded in dystopian visions, the soundtrack tripping a futuristic wasteland smoked in a positive cornucopia of sonic tapestries which for the best part, as revealed on both the opener ‘the robot’ and the parting ‘the robot’s message’ shed hints of a youthful Porcupine Tree while elsewhere ‘the battle for the harbour’ is pure Sabbathian bad ass. All said it’s not all apocalyptic doom, with it flurries of neo classical keys ‘the ascension to the consciousness’ and assumes a curious sore thumb footing, a calm before the storm, ghosted with a sepia framed vintage that sounds as though it’s just stepped from a silver age black and white movie while  Polypores himself, makes a brief appearance applying the synth squiggles to the fracturing noir tweaked ‘the ghost in the machine’.  https://theeyesandthemistoids.bandcamp.com/album/mecha   

those with a keen eye for such things might well note that in recent weeks, there has been activity aplenty of the Polypores sound cloud page, with the uploading of recent live happenings. Latest addition to the library a recent appearance at Glastonferret 2017, a sub twenty-two-minute kosmische head trip rippled in 80’s styled VHS grooved analogue mosaics with the latter happenings of the set, around the 14-minute mark, assuming a tripping club floor hypnosia that had us here imagining Paris Angels remodelling elements of Numan’s ‘pleasure principle’ for the future tech age.   


interlude……dark electro, cold wave electro, industrial, chill groove….twilight ritual, Poeme Electronique, Mekanik Kommando, A Blaze Color, XYLITOL, Boris Dzaneck, Christof Glowalla, Abwärts, Daniel Schmidt……

Twilight ritual…..


Poeme Electronique…..


Mekanik Kommando….

A Blaze Color…..


Boris Dzaneck….

Christof Glowalla……


Daniel Schmidt……

if there’s just one track you opt to listen to from this cobbled together list, make sure it’s this, an absolute sublime release originally out in the late 70’s would you believe, quite immaculate and very alluring stuff, re-released last year on limited issue via recital, frankly we need a copy in our life…. more details of last year’s outing here https://www.discogs.com/Daniel-Schmidt-And-The-Berkeley-Gamelan-In-My-Arms-Many-Flowers/release/9100496 – this I guarantee – will blow you away………


Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


End grooves ….

…. and finally – Sir Bruce Forsyth …. for the best part of our childhood and on, he was a constant feature on prime-time entertainment, he was Mr Television … here’s a rare stage duet with the late Adam Faith …. Goodnight Sir ….


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