rotten bliss

Opening this edition of ‘look what we sneaked…..’ to the strangely enchanting yet hitherto eerily haunting visitation that is ‘two sisters’ by Rotten Bliss, the work of cellist Jasmine Abigail Pender and something that comes pulled from a near imminent set heading out of Reverb Worship entitled ‘the nightwatchman sings’. A thing of disquieting dark beauty rolling in through a ghostly fog on timeless ripples whose ebbing wash peels back the years to reveal a vintage crafted in archaic folk tongues, much like label friends the Hare and the Moon, there’s an out of time primitive expression afoot here that rings to the shadowy enchantment of Preterite, yet fall beneath its fixed stare spell craft and hints of Nico chill with both a magical and macabre unease.

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