melmoth the wanderer

I’m fairly certain we may have mentioned this in earlier transmissions. Still, nothing like a revisit especially if it evokes childhood memories of sleepless nights literally paralysed at the macabre feasts of fantasy that spooked the goggle box and made it such an inviting, albeit watched through the cracks between fingers with hands over the face, visual carnival of weird delights. Are these not the roots of hauntology where folk magic, custom, strange craft and alternate realities coalesce, a nostalgic trip through the shadowy quarters of a 70’s child’s Television haunting courtesy of your master of creepy ceremony Melmoth the Wanderer. Pull up pouffe, closer to the open fire, so close you can almost see your reflection in the flames and watch as the sparks snap, crackle and dance to these ghostly visitations and you connect to the forgotten chill of your younger self, for here themes from lost and long forgotten oddities stir once again into life, classics such as the Tomorrow People, Timeslip, Grinnygog, Picture Box, Chocky, Armchair Thriller or Theatre – I can never remember rightly – was so scared of the opening credits to get any further.

…and staying with Melmoth the Wanderer his latest listening chill ‘when the lights go out’ finds inspiration from 1981’s ‘Christmas Spirits’ – a festive haunting featuring Elaine Strict as the tormented Julia. Amid this spectral supernatural séance, a gathering of Radiophonic Workshop souls flicker in and out of the shadows weaving their eerie disquiet alongside a formidable guest roster that includes Mark Korven, Acanthus and the much-admired Will Sergeant.

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