holy family

Don’t mind admitting that we’re a tad overly smitten with this ‘un. Prized from an album heading out later this week the name of which escapes me just for the moment, on reflection it might be called ‘values’. Anyhow it’s heading out through the admired melodic imprint, it be by Holy Family who hail from Gothenburg. The cause of all the hoo-hah here being the effervescently peeled pop pretty ‘Colibris’ which initially heads out sounding like a studio love in concocted by an ‘in vivo’ era Wire sparring with Kitchens of Distinction before something of an unpeeling is afoot and everything goes radiantly Flaming Lips-y with momentary detours into the pulsing riff strobe of bliss bruised euphoria where upon they veer into the terrains of the unsettlingly quiet of late Crimea. http://www.spex.de/2017/08/17/dimensionen-von-zeit-und-raum-holy-familys-album-values-im-vorabstream/

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