agitation phi

Not that we wanna make a habit of this, then again blessed with a craft such as this, I can fairly say without a shadow of doubt that Agitation Phi will be popping up at regular intervals in coming missives. For now, though, second shot this missive alone, here she is in cahoots with Myrh courtesy of ‘round and round’ for what is essential a fracturing torch toned mysterio which reference wise, steps on the toes of both Virgin Passages and Carina Round. Both dark and seductive, this primitive slab of spectral soul blues wiles, mooches and stirs from sinister shadows, its fraying and twisted riff opines hinting of the dark hearted grooving of a ‘junkyard’ era Birthday Party albeit found scabbing the monochrome teasing of    the Creatures amid disconnecting flotillas of woozy detachment.

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