Justin Timberlake, Ace of Base and Static Caravan. Unlikely bedfellows you say, yet it proves a point that we’ve been banging on about for ages now, that being that over the course of the last few years, as subtle as it might be, no two Static Caravan releases have been alike. This is a label that’s as likely to follow up a killer kosmische release with something bordering on neo classicist or even featuring a brass band rendition of a progressive cornerstone. In short Static Caravan has moved from that all too often fateful genre boxing in. instead these releases all share one thing in common, the Static seal of approval, and with that the assured trust, that no matter from what genre or sonic shadows from whence forth they fall, that those long-time subscribers to the label will relish and adore. So where then do Justin Timberlake and Ace of Base fit in to all this, well simply as authors of the covers re-appraised and gracing these grooves by the QC197 collective. A gathering of souls – singers, songwriters, producers and musicians who, according to the press release, appear to have ‘gravitated towards one another through the strange pathways of the industry’. Framed with a cinematic presence, both ‘all that she wants’ and ‘cry me a river’ are steeped in an amorphous dark seduction, the former arrested to a feint sophisticated pulse tone whose nocturnal noir ghosting endows it with an attractively alluring sparsely scored smokey torch soul recasting. As to the beguiling haunting that is ‘cry me a river’, shrouded in a moment of withdrawn intimacy, its brutal bruising and souring separation is sublimely brought to a scarring fore that’s perched and poised upon a deathly chilled no more finality, absolutely crushing.

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