the quietened cosmologists

Expect mentions in full at the tail end of the next week for this one, the latest audiological research publication from the libraries of A Year in the Country. ‘the quietened cosmologists’ turns its telescopic eye to the heavens to ponder the forgotten space missions, abandoned projects and man’s earliest attempts to sever the earthbound shackles and step forward into the cosmic void. Appraised of a running theme and tone that switches between hope, sorrow and abandonment, ‘the quietened cosmologist’ features a dozen spectral suites, each exploring the various aspects, forgotten histories and what ifs of these golden age adventures. On this preliminary voyage will be taking in the mysteries explored and pondered upon by Pulselovers, Field Lines Cartographer and Vic Mars, the former mentioned of whom serve up ‘lonely puck’ – a wonderfully serene and affectionate love note mailed out from across the outer edges of the cosmos, a transmission from a long lost and forgotten outpost if you like, twinkle toned and radiantly awash in what sounds like shimmering cosmic church bell celebrations. Vic Mars opts for some empirically brooding bruised beauty for his salvo ‘X-3’ – a hymnal harmony of the spheres traced in the finest threads of majestic Vangelis tapestries, guaranteed to lay you low with its sorrowing detachment. While last one for this brief ride, Field Lines Cartographer’s ‘OPS-4’ with its binary shimmer tones and vapour rubbed ethereal detailing, cuts a finite line between the enchanting and the eerie, a ghost flotilla perhaps a sonic spectre of sorts or rather more, an orbital occurrence with past visions looped on endless replay, quite remote and sinister if you ask me.

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