Every so often, something trips across the listening desk that frankly just has you blown of your perch struggling to find your way to your feet because your busy trying to extract your tongue and jaw from the floor. Forthcoming from Buttonhead, may well at this point in time, be that record. Now if I just quietly mention the Cardiacs as a very loose marker reference, hopefully that might give hint of what’s afoot here. So flippantly wayward and awash in zig zagging stylings, we fear that we might have to tackle each of the seven cuts collected here on their forthcoming download only full length ‘never or forget’ on an individual basis between moments of pause for a lie down or else our head might explode. Okay we might be exaggerating matters a little here, but having made it through opening salvo ‘Robocop sunset’ in one piece, let’s just say you’ll be hard pushed to hear a track so mashed, fried and wired all year. Starts out with – is that – a penny whistle, then in come the Mathian post rock growls, some sun teased lounge – see Stereolab, oodles of progressive psych zaniness – and that’s just in the first minute, seriously it’s as though they are trying to shoehorn every known musical family into one five-minute flame popping head trip which at turns throws in joyously euphoric moments of sun pop, calypso corteges and even some snarling hardcore gruffness. In short, the equivalent of being strapped to a musical version of a corkscrewing rollercoaster. In the meantime, though, while we cobble together our wherewithal, here’s one of the sets less frantic art pop paint bombs, the very Clinic-esque ‘Coombe Dean’ – total bliss.

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